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Museum of Nature in Domzhericy

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Type: Parks, squares Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Regional value Tsentralnaia str. 3, Domzhericy

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is a pearl of the natural heritage of the north of Belarus. It is a model of natural world with pristine flora and fauna. The natural systems that in the past where common for this region with the area about 82 000 ha are preserved here.

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve was established on 30th January, 1925 for increasing the population of game animals in Belarus that was exterminated during World War II and during the post-war years of devastation. For the creation of Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve they chose the areas in the upstream of the Berezina with its numerous tributaries, including impenetrable forests and swamps - on the area where native populations of elks, bears, wild boars, beavers, otters and other animals had still remained. In the past this region suffered from numerous glaciers. That is why there are multi-ton boulders, extensive marshes and numerous ponds here.

The central estate of the reserve was initially located in the village Zvenyaty, then in the village Kraytsy, and later it was moved to Domzheritsy. Here, for more than 50 years the Museum of Nature with about 300 species of animals has existed. The exhibits are located in three halls, divided thematically into certain biogroups: bisons, deers, beavers, lynxes, wolves, wild boars, bears, elks and other animals. The total area of the halls is about 400 m 2 . Here there are also open air cages where you can see main representatives of the Belarusian fauna.

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is included into World Network of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO «Man and Biosphere». reveal all text

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Address Tsentralnaia str. 3, Domzhericy GPS Google: 54.74038′ N, 28.318634′ E