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Excursions on the last call in 2019

In 2019 the last call in the Belarus schools will ring on the end of May. Every year, the teachers, pupils, graduates and their parents spend with the question: "How interesting to spend this holiday? Where to go after the last call?"

Having many years rich experience in organizing events for pupils, we offer teachers and the parents' committee following trips during the recent calls in 2016, in the first part of the event we are planning a small and interesting excursion program, then we can offer lunch or picnic, active games. Given the high demand for this type of pastime in late May, we advise you to think about ordering tours and a picnic area in advance.

The cost of each school tour on the last call in 2019 includes:
tourist bus transport service;
services of a certified guide specializing in working with children's groups;
entry tickets;
coordination of the trip with the traffic police;
registration of a full package of documents required for children's organized groups.

Features of the organization of excursions for schoolchildren on the last bell 2019:

  Name of the program and excursion h / km Price per schoolchild at the group in BYN*
pupils + accompanying
40+4 35+3 30+3 25+2 20+2

Silichy - Logoisk with a gazebo rental

The tour program includes: tour of the ski resorts, outdoor recreation, and a picnic in gazebo.
7 h
120 km
21,00 BYN 24,00 BYN 28,00 BYN 34,00 BYN 43,00 BYN order

Zaslavl and Vyazynka

6 h
190 km
23,00 BYN 26,00 BYN 29,00 BYN 34,00 BYN 39,00 BYN order

Oginsky manor in Zalesie - dramatized excursion

6 h
220 km
24,00 BYN 27,00 BYN 31,00 BYN 36,00 BYN 45,00 BYN order

Belhudozhkeramika with master class

Schoolchildren are offered tour around production, visit to the museum of ceramics, master class in clay modeling and a souvenir.
5 h
90 km
27,00 BYN 29,00 BYN 33,00 BYN 37,00 BYN 44,00 BYN order

Stanikovo with a gazebo rental

In the program: a tour of the complex, zoo and guerrilla camp, free time, rent a gazebo with a barbecue for a picnic in nature.
8 h
120 km
27,00 BYN 30,00 BYN 33,00 BYN 38,00 BYN 46,00 BYN order

BELAZ plant

5 h
110 km
28,00 BYN 30,00 BYN 34,00 BYN 39,00 BYN 46,00 BYN order
Stalin Line

Stalin Line with gazebo

For school students sightseeing tour is organized, free time around museum of military equipment, rent of gazebo for a picnic.
6 h
60 km
29,00 BYN 31,00 BYN 35,00 BYN 40,00 BYN 48,00 BYN order
Borisov - homestead Bivak

Borisov - homestead Bivak

Group will attend excursion to the manor, tea with pancakes, rest in the territory.
8 h
200 km
31,00 BYN 37,00 BYN 41,00 BYN 49,00 BYN 61,00 BYN order

Excursion-animation in Equestrian homestead Butsevichi

6 h
70 km
33,00 BYN 38,00 BYN 44,00 BYN 53,00 BYN 66,00 BYN order
Berezinsky reserve

Berezinsky Reserve -
«Secrets of the protected swamp» with a gazebo

8 h
270 km
33,00 BYN 37,00 BYN 42,00 BYN 49,00 BYN 59,00 BYN order

Strochicy: historical quest and disco

A informative quest and a disco will be organized for schoolchildren on this day.
7 h
60 km
34,00 BYN 36,00 BYN 39,00 BYN 43,00 BYN 50,00 BYN order
Dukorа estate

Dukorа estate quest program

For students quest program is organized. Official opening and general start, coordinator and map with tasks for each team.
6 h
80 km
49,00 BYN 56,00 BYN 60,00 BYN 66,00 BYN 75,00 BYN order
Nesvizh Palace

Nesvizh - historical quest

8 h
240 km
55,00 BYN 61,00 BYN 70,00 BYN 82,00 BYN 101,00 BYN order

For swift ordering of excursions and timely preparation of the necessary package of documents, we ask you:

  1. Send a request from the Internet portal Ekskursii.by on the excursion you are interested in or arrange the documents with us in office;
  2. Indicate the number of students and adults (teachers or accompanying parents);
  3. Report the age of children, time of departure for the tour, the address of the school;
  4. Specify wishes for catering or picnic in nature;
  5. With a limited budget, inform the maximum planned cost of excursions for 1 student;
  6. After coordinating the excursion - send a list of tourists with a school stamp to submit this document to the traffic police - before each trip, our drivers and buses receive permission from the traffic police to allow children groups to be transported. The list must be provided no later than 7 days before the date of the tour.
  7. Agreement and invoice for the excursion can be issued on the teacher or parent, for this we will need their data - name, passport and address of registration, or on the legal entity - school.

If among the proposed options you did not find a suitable one, send us a request for organizing the excursion, indicate your wishes for the trip, within 24 hours our specialists will offer you options.

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