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Photo - Novolukoml

The population: 12.9 thousand. Status: Average The year of foundation: 1964 Vitebsk region, Chashniky district

Location - Novolukoml

Novolukoml is located in the Chashnitsky district of the Vitebsk region on the southern shore of Lake Lukoml. Novolukoml is located 95 km from Orsha, 114 km from Vitebsk and 156 km from Minsk. Not far from the city passes the Chashniki-Bobruisk highway, as well as the Orsha-Lepel railway. Novolukoml has its own railway station, which belongs to the line Chashniki - Novolukoml.

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History of the development - Novolukoml

Novolukoml is a rather young city, which appeared in 1964 in connection with the construction of the Lukoml power station. Initially, it was a village called Pioneer. Already on July 31, 1970, the settlement was granted city status. In 2006, Novolukoml received its coat of arms, which depicts three golden pillars and a turbine disk. The pillars symbolize the main city-forming industries: energy, food and industrial. Today Novolukoml is the largest settlement of Chashniki district. The city has industrial enterprises, educational and sports institutions.

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Tourism potential - Novolukoml

Of course, the main attraction of Novolukoml is Lukoml power station - at the moment the most powerful power plant in Belarus. The first block of the station was commissioned in 1969.
You can visit Novolukoml during your vacation in the health-improving complex Sosnovi Bor, which is located on the shores of Lake Lukoml.

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Where to go in the Novolukoml? All about restaurants, entertainment and other services

Location map - Novolukoml

GPS Google: 54.6575012′ N, 29.1494998′ E