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Corporate excursions in Belarus

Any corporate event, whether it is a day trip, banquet, 2-3-day outdoor corporate party in nature, is one of the main vectors of the successful development of the company, because the cohesion of the team plays an important role in the success of any company. Joint rest of employees helps to feel involvement in common success, strengthens the corporate spirit, gives a lot of positive emotions. The transformation of an entertainment event into an effective instrument of corporate policy is the main task in organizing corporate events.
Traditionally corporate excursions are very popular for celebrating professional holidays. To celebrate Teacher’s Day, Medic’s Day, Economist’s Day, Lawyer’s Day and other professions on excursions - a great idea for a corporate holiday.

Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by offers many options for one-day and multi-day corporate excursions and events in Belarus, in which the excursion program will be combined with a picnic in nature in the gazebo, lunch at a rural manor or a banquet in a cafe or restaurant. We can offer sightseeing tours to well-known attractions (Mir-Nesvizh castles, Strochitsy Museum and etc.), informative entertainment programs with animations, tastings and master classes (Dudutki, history park Sula and etc.), rest at the recreation centers ofr National Parks, Reserves and etc.

An individual approach to each client is the main principle of work of specialists of the excursions sales department. We will create and calculate for you a program of a corporate excursion taking into account all your wishes on the route and budget, for any number of days and people, we will choose the best places to stay in, organize tasty and healthy food, reliable transport services. The top corporate entertainment destinations are listed below.

Excursion + banquet or picnic (1 day)

  • Strochitsy

    • excursion of the museum Strochitsy
    • entry tickets

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 25,50 BYN

    x 30 - 32,20 BYN

    Open-air museum «Strochitsy» - is a unique place in Belarus, where all types of home and public buildings of Belarusian residents of past centuries are collected. Excursion program «Strochitsy» >>

  • Dudutki

    • entrance ticket Dudutki
    • tastings
    • carriage ride
    • visiting craft workshops
    • museum of retro cars

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 40,60 BYN

    x 30 - 48,50 BYN

    Dudutki - one of the most popular and visited museums of Belarus, where you can not only spend time with interest, but also relax, taste local products, including homemade brewery, ride horses, walk around the zoo. Excursion program «Dudutki» >>

  • Dukorа estate

    • excursion to Dukorа estate
    • entry tickets

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 42,20 BYN

    x 30 - 50,00 BYN

    Dukorа estate – one of the most unusual sights of Belarus. Here, in a special way, the gentry life of an old manor is intertwined with the ordinary life of modern man. Excursion program «Dukorа estate» >>

  • Stankovo and partisan camp

    • zoo with aviaries
    • partisan camp excursion

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 30,80 BYN

    x 30 - 38,40 BYN

    Interesting excursion will be interesting for everyone. The group will be able to visit the zoo, which is divided into two thematic areas, a horse farm, and in the partisan camp the excursionists will be able to get acquainted with the life of the partisans. Excursion program «Stankovo and partisan camp» >>

  • Stalin Line - Zaslavl

    • excursion around Stalin Line - Zaslav
    • entry tickets
    • tasting of soldier's porridge

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 42,10 BYN

    x 30 - 50,20 BYN

    Excursion of the historical and cultural complex «Stalin Line» will transfer you during the Great Patriotic War and immerse in the atmosphere of hostilities that took place here in the first days of the summer war of 1941. Excursion program «Stalin Line - Zaslavl» >>

  • Zaslavl - Krevo - Golshany

    • ethnocomplex Mlyn
    • ruins of Krevo Castle
    • Golshansky Castle
    • Franciscan monastery

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 27,00 BYN

    x 30 - 35,40 BYN

    Tourists are awaited by ancient Zaslavl, the ruins of Krevo Castle, the ancient place of Golshany with the mysterious Franciscan monastery and the legend of the White Lady, the ruins of Sapeg Castle. Excursion program «Zaslavl - Krevo - Golshany» >>

  • Zalesie - Soly - Kushliyany - Zhuprany

    • Oginsky manor in Zalesie
    • Smorgon Church
    • Church in Solach
    • Bogushevich estate in Kushlyany
    • Church in Zhuprany

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 37,80 BYN

    x 30 - 48,65 BYN

    The excursion route passes through the family estate of Oginsky in Zalesye - the palace and park ensemble of the XVIII century, the Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Smorgon, the Church of Mother of God of Ruzhantsova in Solakh, the family estate of Frantiska Bogushevich in Kushlyany, a stone hiding place, the Peter and Paul Church in Zhuprany. Excursion program «Zalesie - Soly - Kushliyany - Zhuprany» >>

  • Rakov - Ivenets - World of bees

    • excursion to Rakov
    • sightseeing of the Ivenets church
    • farmstead World of bees
    • treatment with pancakes and tea

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 27,70 BYN

    x 30 - 35,50 BYN

    The group will plunge into the local color of Rakov and Ivenets, see the church of the Mother of God of Ruzhantsova, the Ivenets church of St. Alexey, and in the agriturismo the world of the tourists will be entertained with an educational program about the life of the bee family with honey tasting. Excursion program «Rakov - Ivenets - World of bees» >>

  • Mir castle

    • Mir castle
    • tomb of Svyatopolk-Mirsky

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 39,20 BYN

    x 30 - 48,80 BYN

    Acquaintance with the medieval giant - Mir castle of the XVI century. The castle will tell about the periods of its grandeur and the dark years of wars and destruction, when residents of all the surrounding villages hid from the enemy behind its powerful walls. Excursion program «Mir castle» >>

  • Nesvizh

    • Nesvizh palace
    • Town Hall
    • Old park
    • Market Square

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 46,20 BYN

    x 30 - 56,00 BYN

    Excursion around Nesvizh – fascinating journey through a small cozy Belarusian city, located in a picturesque place - at the springhead of the Usha river, covered with various stories and legends, one of the oldest historical and cultural centers of Belarus. Excursion program «Nesvizh» >>

  • History Park Sula

    • history Park Sula
    • animation program «10000 years of Belarusian history»
    • tasting of starka

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 40,80 BYN

    x 30 - 49,20 BYN

    History Park «Sula» - elite center of cultural and social life of the XVIII century, where you can not only relax, but also get acquainted with the history of the Belarusian lands from the times of pagan beliefs, the era of medieval knighthood, to the times of balls and salons of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Excursion program «History Park Sula» >>

  • Ethno-cultural complex Nanosy-Novoselle

    • excursion of the complex
    • entry tickets
    • horse show

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 60,50 BYN

    x 30 - 70,50 BYN

    You will have a fascinating journey to the manor complex of the XIX century, where surrounded by picturesque landscapes of the Naroch region, you will get acquainted with the traditions and way of rural life, immerse yourself in the life of our ancestors! Excursion program «Ethno-cultural complex Nanosy-Novoselle» >>

  • Kossovo - Ruzhany

    • Ruzhansky Palace
    • Kosciuszka estate
    • Kossovo Palace

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 39,50 BYN

    x 30 - 50,65 BYN

    As part of the excursion, you will visit the Belarusian Versailles, one of the largest residences of Sapieha - the Ruzhansky Palace, the majestic palace and park complex of Puslovsky in Kossovo, a gentry estate in the Merechevschyna tract - the homeland of Tadeush Kostyushka. Excursion program «Kossovo - Ruzhany» >>

  • Lida - animation «Jagiello's Wedding»

    • excursion around Lida
    • Lida Castle
    • animation program «Jagiello's Wedding» with armor fitting
    • swordmanship workshop and medieval games

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 75,30 BYN

    x 30 - 93,10 BYN

    Exciting excursion around Lida and the medieval Lida castle with animation program «Jagiello's Wedding» with treats, medieval interactive games on specialized sites are awaiting for you. More about Lida Castle >>

  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha

    • animal enclosures and nature museum
    • forest excursion with exits to the forest
    • museum of traditional technologies
    • tasting of the Pushcha's drink

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 58,90 BYN

    x 30 - 73,90 BYN

    Rest in the National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha, visit the Museum of Nature, enclosures with wild animals, a museum of old technologies with a tasting of the Pushcha drink, a banquet in a restaurant or rest in the gazebo. Excursion program «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» >>

Excursion to factories (1 day)

  • Minsk region estates and Olivariya factory

    • Priluki manor
    • Stankovo manor
    • Olivaria plant
    • beer tasting

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 51,60 BYN

    x 30 - 61,70 BYN

    The excursion route will be held on the estates of the Minsk region, which are associated with the name of the family Gutten-Chapskikh (Priluki, Stankovo), and you will also visit the brewery «Olivaria» with a visit to the workshops and tasting products of the plant. More about Olivaria brewery >>

  • Slutsk belts factory

    • excursion around Slutsk
    • belts factory

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 27,60 BYN

    x 30 - 36,00 BYN

    Excursion to Slutsk, which once belonged to the powerful Radzivills. Slutsk factory of art products - one of the largest enterprises of art crafts of Belarus. Excursion program «Slutsk belts factory» >>

Excursion tours around Belarusian cities (2 days)

  • Mir-Nesvizh

    • Mir castle and the tomb of Svyatopolk-Mirsky
    • Nesvizh palace and Nesvizh Town Hall
    • breakfast
    • stay in hotel of Nesvizh

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 130,30 BYN

    x 30 - 166,50 BYN

    As part of the tour, you will not only visit the most beautiful castles of Belarus, but also get acquainted with the subtleties of perfect fortification systems and walk through the halls that still remember the great princes and kings, learn about secrets and intrigues, legends and stories among shady park alleys. More about the tour «Mir-Nesvizh» >>

  • Lida - Novogrudok - lake Svitiyaz

    • Lida Castle
    • animation «Jagiello's Wedding»
    • medieval games
    • breakfast and treatment at the castle
    • stay in hotel of Lida

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 112,70 BYN

    x 30 - 143,20 BYN

    During 2-day tour group will visit Lida and the medieval Lida castle, the animation program «Jagiello's Wedding» with refreshments, the ruins of the Novogrudsky castle, one of the most beautiful lakes in Belarus - Lake Svityaz. More about the Novogrudok Castle >>

  • Lida - Lida castle - Grodno

    • Lida castle and animation «Jagiello's Wedding»
    • medieval games
    • New castle in Grodno and Kolozhskaya church
    • breakfast
    • stay in hotel of Grodno

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 135,00 BYN

    x 30 - 160,00 BYN

    As part of the tour, the tourists will visit Grodno - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, where you will visit the New Castle of Grodno and Kalozhskaya Church. The atmosphere of the grandeur of antiquity and the history of the legendary past will certainly fascinate you Lida Castle. More about the tour «Lida - Lida castle - Grodno» >>

  • Grodno - Avgustovsky canal - boating

    • New castle of Grodno and Kolozhskaya church
    • boat trip on the Augustow Canal with locking
    • breakfast
    • stay in hotel of Grodno

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 122,00 BYN

    x 30 - 150,70 BYN

    Within 2 days, the excursionists are waiting for Grodno - the most beautiful city of Belarus, the New Castle, the Farny Catholic Church, the complexes of medieval monasteries, and guests will also visit the Augustów Canal with the possibility of a walk along the canal on a steam-ship and locking. More about the tour «Grodno - Avgustovsky canal - boating» >>

Corporate event on the recreation center (2 days)

Rest in the National Park (2 days)

  • Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

    • nature museum and aviaries
    • house of environmental education
    • animation program with Bolotnik
    • stay at the hotel in the national park
    • breakfast

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 104,20 BYN

    x 30 - 125,30 BYN

    Excursion aroun reserve, visit to the Museum of Nature, enclosures with wild animals, houses for environmental education, an ecotrail with an animation program with the mysterious Swamp. More about Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve >>

  • Lake Naroch and National Park Narochansky

    • ecotrail
    • pharmacy garden
    • stay at the hotel in Naroch
    • breakfast

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 122,00 BYN

    x 30 - 145,00 BYN

    Tourists will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Naroch landscapes for 2 days, visit the ecological path, the pharmacy garden with a tasting of medicinal infusions and just relax on Lake Naroch. More about Lake Naroch and National Park Narochansky >>

  • Braslav Lakes and Braslav

    • aviaries
    • stay in the TC Braslav lakes
    • breakfast

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 130,00 BYN

    x 30 - 157,50 BYN

    Excursion around the National Park, animals with animals, a tour of the city of Braslav, a visit to the mountain Lighthouse and the observation deck, rest and swimming at Lake Drivyaty. More about Braslav Lakes and Braslav >>

  • National park Pripyatsky and Turov

    • Turov History Museum
    • archaeological complex Turov and the Museum of Nature
    • cruise on the Pripyat
    • stay at TC Nad Pripyatyu
    • breakfast

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 150,30 BYN

    x 30 - 182,00 BYN

    On the first day, the excursionists will visit the Turovs History Museum and archeological museum, the ancient Turov, the ancient settlement, and on the second day holidaymakers will have a boat trip along Pripyat on a boat. More about National park Pripyatsky >>

  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha

    • enclosures and the Museum of Nature
    • Ded Moroz Manor
    • vintage technology museum with tasting
    • stay at HC Kamenyuki
    • breakfast

    Price per one person in a group :

    x 40 - 161,80 BYN

    x 30 - 190,00 BYN

    Rest in the National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha, visit to the Museum of Nature, enclosures with wild animals, Father Frost's Manor and the Museum of Old Technologies with a tasting of the Pushcha drink, rest on the forest lake. More about Belovezhskaya Pushcha >>

In addition to the excursion program and banquet, we can offer the following services:

You can get advice on organizing a corporate tour of Belarus in the following ways:

  1. from your order page;
  2. by phone (+37529) 756-66-65, sending a message to Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype;
  3. by phone (+37517) 394-49-13 (multichannel);
  4. by fax (+37517) 394-59-09;
  5. by E-mail - send a message >>

If among the proposed options you did not find a suitable one, send us a request for the organization of the event, indicate your wishes for the trip, within 24 hours our specialists will send you offers.