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Tour Legends of Belarusian industry (3 days)

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Route: MinskZhodinoMinskZhodinoMinskMirMinskMirMinsk
Distance: 370 km
Duration: 3 day
Kind: Bus-Walking tours
Language of training: Russian
The excursion will introduce you to the Belarusian brands, widely known all over the world. You will see with your own eyes how the giants of the Belarusian and world engineering are born at the BELAZ plant; taste the products of the brewery "Alivaria", successfully passed the way from a small wooden brewery to a large industrial enterprise; learn how tractors with a world name "BELARUS" are born; and visit one of the four UNESCO sites – Mir castle.
The excursion program

The cost of the tour Legends of Belarusian industry (3 days) for individual and corporate groups

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The cost of the tour 2-78-1920-5253-68
The cost for the group 90'237 194'513 439'319 549'869 Order
Price for 1 person in the group from 12'891 from 10'238 from 8'448 from 8'086

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  • excursions according to the program
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The excursion program- Legends of Belarusian industry (3 days)

  • 1day
  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group at the railway station Minsk
  • Breakfast
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour Minsk city tour

    During the excursion Minsk will open before you the person: wide avenues and cozy streets, a variety of architectural complexes and parks. For the long story of existence the city was repeatedly destroyed, burned, but every time it revived and built up. And today Minsk is a modern European megalopolis with the multimillion population. He develops and becomes promptly more beautiful, combining greatness of heritage of old times and an innovatorsky thought of the present.

  • Lunch
  • Attraction
    Attraction Minsk Tractor Plant
    The Minsk tractor plant – a leader of mechanical engineering of Republic of Belarus. MTZ keeps the chronicle since 1946 – it is eventful stories of creation, development and formation of the plant. And now the enterprise is ready to lower a curtain and to show "behind the scenes". You will pass on enterprise streets where there are stops, sidewalks and infrastructure. You will enter shops where do details with an accuracy of micron. Directly before you, on conveyors tractors with the world name "BELARUS" will come to life. And you will see the models which earlier descended from them on the exhibition platform where it is possible to make impressive photos in a cabin of "Belarusian", and in the square of the 70 anniversary of MTZ – very unusual photo exhibit and "firstborn" of the Minsk tractor plant is presented there.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Beer factory «Alivaria»

    We offer you to get acquainted with all stages of the production of beer "live", to walk in all the main production shops of hops drink, hear the story of the factory grounds, stages of its rise and fall, to learn how much did for the plant and Minsk in general Count Czapski. The excursion will end with a rest in the brewery's guest room, decorated in a corporate style, and tasting four main beers, which will be served with the seeds of the crops, from which the beer is cooked, and hops.

  • Check in
    Check in
  • 2day
  • Breakfast
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour Secrets of jewelers

    Every connoisseur of jewelry art has asked himself the question: how beautiful works are born? Do not miss the unique opportunity to plunge into the world of stones, gold and silver and discover the secrets of jewelry production. Visit the jewelery factory Zorka - one of the largest jewelery manufacturers in the CIS countries.

  • Moving
    Moving in Zhodino (65 km)
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour BELAZ - brand of Belarus

    The excursion will spend you through the modern industrial city – Zhodino where you with own eyes will see as giants of the Belarusian and world mechanical engineering – BELAZ are born. They work in dozens of the countries of the world. Production of the plant won not one prestigious award of the international level and became the repeated champion of the Guinness Book of Records. Today "BELAZ" not only brand of the career equipment, but also brand symbol of independent Belarus.

    You will see: BELAZ plant
    Attraction Attraction Attraction Attraction Attraction
  • Lunch
  • Moving
    Moving in Minsk (65 km)
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour Minsk theatrical

    «The theater has a great future as at everything that had the great past» - Carel Capek has told once and was right. Both hundreds years ago, and today incalculable number of admirers of theater around the world. They continually hurry to majestic halls to enjoy art of transfer of emotions in dance and opera singing, in acting. Today the theater has stepped further away - we suggest to glance in a behind the scenes and to learn as each theatrical history is born, to get acquainted with actors and to learn about the great theatrical past about which the Czech writer, on the example of Belarus and Minsk spoke.

    You will see: Minsk Town Hall (visual inspection), Freedom Square (visual inspection), The complex of the former Holy Spirit Monastery of Basilian (visual inspection), Ruins of Minsk ancient castle (visual inspection), Trinity suburb (visual inspection), National academic theatre of Opera and ballet,
    Attraction Attraction Attraction Attraction Attraction Attraction
  • 3day
  • Breakfast
  • Check out
    Check out
  • Moving
    Moving in Mir (100 km)
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour Mir Castle

    The world and Mir Castle Complex - two inseparably linked names. Tourists gather here from different corners of the planet that personally will enjoy idle greatness of the medieval giant. One of perfect examples of fortification of the time and an object of the World heritage of UNESCO will undoubtedly strike with both architectural wealth, and magnificent interiors, and fascinating history. However costs attention and the town – it is at least one century more senior than the lock and has not less interesting story opened by archeologists. Touch also you century history.

  • Lunch
  • Moving
    Moving in Minsk (100 km)
  • Free time
    Free time
  • Transfer to the railway station
    Transfer to the railway station
  • The end of the tour

Map of the tour route Legends of Belarusian industry (3 days)