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Quantum - Museum of Entertaining Science

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Type: Science and Technology The exhibition: 7 Location: Minsk, Minsk region
«Quantum» - Museum of Entertaining Science presents an interactive exhibition that covers the main fields of science. In each hall there are exhibits with which you can interact: explore, collect, solve, pull, jump and even scream! In the museum there are more than 150 exhibits, which you can touch with your hands! The area of the museum is about 1000 square meters.

Quantum museum has an entertaining movie theater. The film lasts 30 minutes. Also, the museum has a mirror and laser mazes, tilted room, dark room and much more.

On the territory of the museum of entertaining sciences «Quantum» there is a cozy cafe where you can relax from the scientific world.

Photo - Quantum - Museum of Entertaining Science

    Exposure - Quantum - Museum of Entertaining Science

    1. In the «Acoustics Hall», you will learn all that is associated with sound: how musical instruments work and what is the physics of sound. You'll even be able to see with their own eyes the sound without using any special equipment. In addition, you will have the opportunity to feel like a Member of the rock group.
    2. How to hide behind a translucent mirror? Could be a shadow color? As a man versed in the dark? What is peace? In the hall of «Optics», you will learn all about the physics of light, an optical illusion and operation of the organs of vision.
    3. Feel like a real magician in «Magnetism Hall». Here on the magical power of your hands begins to levitate a magnet, samples of the magnetic chip obey your vision of space and there is now the magnetic cloud. Scientific laws - it's always a little magic.
    4. More than a hundred years, humanity uses electrical energy, but still a lot of phenomenon never ceases to amaze us. Can a person be a source of electricity? How to Light bulb ear? In this room, you will learn the answers to these and many other unexpected issues related to the emergence of electric current.
    5. The word «engineer» in Greek means «the art of building machines». This is one of the most important field of physics, which is directly related to our daily life. In this part of the exhibition you will be able to spend an entertaining experience, and self check how much easier our lives invention.
    6. In this room are gathered Educational puzzles and designers who will be interested in how the youngest visitors to the museum, and to adults. Conduct independent expertise to compete for attention and collect unusual puzzles - all this awaits you in the hall of the «Puzzleі».
    7. Who has not dreamed of flying to the stars, he was not a child. Stars have always attracted its mystery and inaccessibility. They are so far away that touch them - means to realize his childhood dream. A child with his fantasy session in the planetarium - a real flight to a distant galaxy and opportunities to learn astronomy, without opening the books. Look into the past and see the process of the birth of stars, planets, nebulae and the universe will help spherical film «Possession of light». Young and adult viewers will see the famous Big Bang, and execute a virtual tour to all corners of the solar system. Colorful pictures, special effects and appropriate music will cause genuine interest in astronomy.

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    Address 220116 Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Prospect Gazety Pravda, 29 GPS Google: 53.861209′ N, 53.861209′ E