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Traveler PRO

Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by decided to surprise guests and residents of Belarus and offer them an unforgettable journey through the most bright and unique places of our Motherland.
The project The project «Traveler PRO»«Traveler PRO» will open for you previously unexplored pages of Belarusian history, will allow to plunge into the fascinating world of traditions and crafts, reveal the secrets of production and even allow to taste Belarus. If it seems to you that you have already seen everything in the republic and visited the main sights of Belarus - architecture masterpieces Mir Castle and Nesvizh palace, ethnographic complex Dudutki, the legendary Brest fortress and even saw with their own eyes the bison in the Belovezhskaya puscha, this project is for you!

You'll be able to visit places which aren;t included in the group tours across Belarus. It's a unique opportunity to explore Belarus, to spend a weekend or vacation.

For our guests we have prepared excursions of various theme with animation, interactive programs, a live concert, traditional arts and tastings! Vitebsk, Borisov, Slutsk, Novogrudok, Mogilev, Gomel, Rakov - it is not a complete list of cities that welcome you ... Participants of excursions in Belarus will be able to walk along the war paths of 1812 and even feel themselves active participants, sorrow for victims of the Great Patriotic War and admire the courage of the soldiers. Excursions to enterprises of glass products, real masterpieces, the production of delicious dairy products and a factory with a truly unique production of Slutsk belts are prepared. Fans of art and literature will be able to see the places where Marc Chagall, Yakub Kolas lived and worked.

Between June 1 to August 31, 2019 every Saturday the project «Traveler PRO» offers to join the group excursions!

Calendar of group tours across Belarus in the project the project «Traveler PRO»«Traveler PRO»:

Name Date Price
adults children
Vitebsk Vitebsk - Marс Сhagall`s city 8 June 60,00 BYN 55,00 BYN Book
Turov Turov - Turov Dairy Plant 15 June 65,00 BYN 60,00 BYN Book
Slutsk Slutsk belts factory 22 June 55,00 BYN 50,00 BYN Book
Novogrudok Art and handicraft (Novogrudok - Beryozovka) 6 July 70,00 BYN 65,00 BYN Book
Berezinsky biosphere reserve Berezinsky biosphere reserve 13 July 65,00 BYN 60,00 BYN Book
Mogilev Mogilev - Bujnichi field 3 August 65,00 BYN 60,00 BYN Book
Gomel Gomel 17 August 75,00 BYN 70,00 BYN Book

Together with the projectом Yhe project «Traveler PRO»«Traveler PRO» of Ekskursii.by a trip across Belarus will be a great idea for a summer holiday, an opportunity to gain new knowledge in the company of experienced guides,
vivid impressions and pleasant acquaintances.

To join a tour «Traveler PRO»: