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Monument to Peter Mstislavets

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Type: Monuments Date of Foundation: 2001 year Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Mstislavl

Peter Mstislavets - one of the first printer of Belarus, follower of Skorina and companion of Fedorov. He was born in Mstislavl.

Fedorov and Mstislavets founded a printing house in Moscow and in 1564 they printed the first book "The Apostle" and in 1565 two editions of "Chasovnik." In 1569 they left Moscow and founded a printing house in Zabludovo in the estate of lithuanian hetman Gregory Hodkievich where released "Teaching Gospel" .

After that Peter Mstislavets parted with Ivan Fyodorov and moved to Vilnius at the invitation of Vilna merchants brothers and Mamonichi brothers Zaretsky, where he founded a new printing house. In Vilna P. Mstislavets prints "Gospel", "Chasovnik" and "Psalms". Also Mstislavets created statutory Great handwriting alphabet , which was the beginning of the so-called evangelical fonts.

Mstislavl has two monument to the great countryman. The first monument is in front of Jesuit church, the second is more recent (installed in 2001 to holiday Day of writing , which was held in Mstislavl) in the town center on the square in front of the executive committee.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Mstislavl GPS Google: 54.019747′ N, 31.724821′ E