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A tour Gastronomic heart of Minsk

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Tour - Gastronomic heart of Minsk

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The excursion program - Gastronomic heart of Minsk

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
    It is the best of all to begin an excursion on the observation deck which was located near a city town hall (Liberty Square 2). However, according to your desire, the meeting place can be changed.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Minsk Town Hall (visual inspection)
    As well as two hundred years ago the square, and in it one of the most beautiful buildings of the city – a snow-white silhouette of the Minsk town hall flaunts here. These buildings were built only in the city received Magdeburg rights - particularly the right to self-government. It has become an integral part of the Liberty Square - the historical center of Minsk. Here to judge and pass judgment, make decisions about the fate of the city and its inhabitants. It became an integral part of Liberty Square – the historic center of Minsk. It is difficult even to present that about 2004 years ago on this place there were emptiness – the town hall destroyed in 1857 was reanimated only 147 years later. Today, the former center of city self-government – magistrate, receives guests again: on the first floor – in the museum of Minsk, on the second – in a conference room.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Minsk trade rows - vilenchuki
    Minsk trade rows - a part of saved and reconstructed trade rows of the beginning of the XIX century. Only seven shops remained to our times from about twenty shops that flank the Bernardine Church. One-storey elongated «Bernardine store» is divided by niches into cells.
    According to saved documents, they were often rented by the merchants from Vilna, that's why trade rows in the Upper Town were called «Vilenchuki». Today, several restaurants, where you can relax after a walk around the city, are located in this white building.
  • Tasting
    You will be able to taste the popular Belarusian dish «machanka with pancakes». This is pork and beef sausages of own preparation in sour cream sauce in the cafe «At the Town Hall».
  • Attraction
    Attraction Guest yard in Minsk
    Guest yard is one of the interesting architectural monuments of Minsk. The building was called «guest house» from the word «guest», that is «Place of trade». Azov-Don commercial bank, merchant club, large storeswas here. Since that time, it did not seem to change it's purpose: boutiques, cafes and even a bank. You will certainly feel the depth of the old building, seeing it even in a modern guise.
  • Tasting
    In the cafe «Bulbashi» («Gostiny Dvor») you can taste national drinks in the form of krambambuli, home-made moonshine, fruit drink or tinctures of your own production.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Building of the Yeshibah
    On modern Vitebskaya Street, on that place where the Rakovsky Brovar restaurant flaunts, the Yeshibah once settled down. The monument of architecture of the 18th century has remained well – it is reconstructed only partially. In a Yeshibah with 10 and to 25 years studied the Torah and the Talmud – trained rabbis.
  • Tasting
    In the Yeshiva building in the cafe «Rakovsky Brovar» you can taste the real «Belarusian borsch». It is a national nourish beetroot soup with pork which is served with sour cream.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Barrel house
    Korchma is an old Belarusian settlement, where the traveler could find accommodation and food, often the local people held meetings, young people danced. The peculiarity of the inn was that there was also a stable for horses, on which visiting visitors came, although there was a tavern «without arrival». Cafe in the center of Minsk to this day pleases tourists and residents of the city with its external appearance and internal antique interiors.
  • Tasting
    In the cafe «Korchma Starovilenskaya» you can taste one of the desserts of national cuisine. These can be traditional «nalisnіki» or curd «dzhmukhaўtsy».
  • The end of the tour