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Minsk city tour

English Экскурсия Minsk city tour

Minsk - Train Station Square - Island of tears - National Library - Trinity Suburb - Freedom Square
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Программа тура - Экскурсия Minsk city tour

Тип экскурсии: Обзорная118 , Длительность: 03:30 ч. , Протяженность: 60 км
Тематика экскурсии: Экскурсии по Минску43, Города Беларуси151
Маршрут: Minsk

  • Welcome to our sightseeing tour of Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. In the course of our tour you will get a glimpse of the best of Minsk’s attractions. You will see its magnificent avenues and squares and its historical downtown area, get acquainted with Minsk’s diversity of architectural styles, stroll in the shade of its beautiful parks and find a lot more that makes up the essence of our nation’s capital. In addition, you will also gain an insight into the history and culture of the people of Belarus. Our sightseeing tour will start from Train Station Square and run for nearly three hours. Over its nearly one-thousand-year-long history, Minsk, initially founded as a border fortress of the Principality of Polotsk, continuously changed its status. It used to be the center of a fiefdom, and then the capital of a voivodship (province) within the Belarusian-Lithuanian State. Under the Russian Empire it became the capital of one of gubernias (governments). From 1919 to 1991, it was the capital city of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. And finally, in 1991, following the emergence of the Belarusian sovereign state on the political map, Minsk became the capital city of the Republic of Belarus.
  • During the tour you will see Train Station Square, two fairly pompous-looking 11-storied buildings – «The City Gates», Independence Square (the country’s main square). The focal point of Independence Square is the Government House commissioned in 1934. Beside the Government House is the Belarusian State University and M. Tank Pedagogical University. The Catholic Church of St. Simon and Helena is here too.
  • Next showplace that you will see is Independence Avenue. It was built during Stalin’s rule. Independence Avenue starts with two famous buildings – the Minsk Hotel on the left and the Main Post Office on the right.
    You will be surprised by such objects as Freedom Square, Victors’ Avenue, the Peter and Paul Church, the Victory Park, Komsomolskoye Lake, BelExpo National Exhibition Center.
    Trinity Suburb is nice place where you will see panoramic view of the Trinity Suburb and an elongated 12-storied building called the «Svisloch House». In a close vicinity to the Trinity Suburb there is a monument to Internationalist Combatants. There are the suburbs national academic theaters - Opera and Ballet Theaters not far from.
    You will not be left without impressions Yanka Kupala Park, October Square, Victory Square, The Hall of Heroes, Yakub Kolas Square.
    At the end of the tour you can see the new building of the National Library of Belarus (2005, architect V. Kramarenko).

График проведения экскурсии Minsk city tour

Gathering group at the address: Minsk, Surazh street, 10 (Metro Culture Institut)

График проведения экскурсии
Дата / Длительность Цена взрослые Цена дети    
1.  18:00  25-Ноября-2017 (Суббота) / 3 ч. 30 мин.
(выезд из Минска)
35,00 BYN 33,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
2.  18:00  02-Декабря-2017 (Суббота) / 3 ч. 30 мин.
(выезд из Минска)
35,00 BYN 33,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
3.  18:00  09-Декабря-2017 (Суббота) / 3 ч. 30 мин.
(выезд из Минска)
35,00 BYN 33,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
4.  18:00  16-Декабря-2017 (Суббота) / 3 ч. 30 мин.
(выезд из Минска)
35,00 BYN 33,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
5.  18:00  23-Декабря-2017 (Суббота) / 3 ч. 30 мин.
(выезд из Минска)
35,00 BYN 33,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
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  • транспортные услуги
  • входные билеты по программе

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  • транспортные услуги
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  • viewpoint 3,00 BYN/2,00 BYN
*The tourist enterprise can change the trip schedule, and also to make some changes to the round program without reduction of quantity and quality of provided services.

Маршрут Minsk city tour

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