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News : Master classes at the Museum of miniatures Strana mini

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Master classes at the Museum of miniatures Strana mini

A great opportunity to show your imagination, touch history and learn a lot of interesting things! Let the children plunge into the fairy world by visiting master classes at the museum «Strana mini». This is the only museum of miniatures in the Republic of Belarus, which adults and children will surely enjoy.

Unusual master classes for children are now held in museum «Strana mini». In a wonderful, friendly atmosphere, classes are held that children will definitely enjoy. Now you can visit the following master classes:

  • master class «My castle»;
  • master class «Beasts of the Forest»;
  • мmaster class «Coat of arms of the city»;
  • master class «Knight and princess».

The guys will work with various materials, learn a lot of new and interesting things, and, of course, take their crafts for memory.

You can visit the museum «Strana mini» during Minsk city tour.

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