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News : New excursion - Safari in Pripyat Polissya

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Exсursion Safari in Pripyat Polissya

New excursion - Safari in Pripyat Polissya

A unique opportunity to see wild animals Pripyatsky National Park in a natural habitat, without barriers and fences, a new excursion opens for guests «Safari on the Pripyat Polesie». Embark on a journey with Ekskursii.by!

Belarusian Polesie is a calling and inviting land. An ethnographic region that everyone should visit.
During the tour you will visit the Museum of Nature of the National Park, where a large exposition will reveal the secrets of the rich animal and plant world of Polesie. And the secrets of the primordial life will be revealed in the thematic hall of ethnography of the Polessky region, in the «house of Poleshuk» and in the hall of archeology.

And then the tourists are waiting for Safari Park is an amazing place where deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boars freely walk through a specially designated area of the forest while the guests are watching them from the window of the safari train.

Read more about the excursion program is available on the website Ekskursii.by, and you can send a booking request by clicking on link.