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A tour Get acquainted - Borisov

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Tour - Get acquainted - Borisov

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    • Kolodeev's house estate 70 / 14

The excursion program - Get acquainted - Borisov

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
  • Moving
    Moving in Borisov (95 km)
  • Attraction
    Attraction Monument to prince Boris
    Boris Vseslavich is legendary Vseslav Charodey's son. After the death of the father he has occupied the Polotsk throne and many efforts has directed to distribution on the Belarusian lands Christianities. The unique monuments of an epigrafika which have remained up to now – "Borisov stones" are called his name. And he, according to chronicles, in 1102 has founded the city on confluence of Skhi and Berezina and called it Borisov.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Borisov Voskresensk cathedral
    Majestic and colourful, festive and highly artistic – it is so possible to describe Borisovsky Sacred Resurrection Cathedral. In total for 3 years, forces of architects from St. Petersburg, artists from Vilno and masters from Ivents, have built the work of art in the pseudo-Russian style. A large number of domes and a play of contrasts draw attention of all guests and residents to cathedral.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Church of Christmas of Maiden Maria in Borisov
    Church of Christmas of Blessed Virgin of Maria - the oldest cult construction of Borisov which decorates the square of the city also today. This striking example of architecture of late classicism became a part of the square which has kept the lines characteristic of building of the 19th century. You will see quite interesting example of provincial civil architecture. And the icon which has escaped at the fire with image of the Mother of God in a silver salary holding on a hand of the blessed baby Jesus has found the place in the church by miracle.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Synagogue «Hevre tylim» in Borisov
    The first Jewish community in Borisov appeared in the 16th century - Jews accounted for more than half of the population here. And in the 17th century one of the richest kagalas in Belarus was located here. This, of course, led to the construction of numerous synagogues, private schools and the Talmud-torus appeared here. We offer synagogue "Hevre-tylim" to your attention. Built in the beginning of the XX century, it has preserved its original appearance.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Earthen strengthenings of war of 1812
    On the eve of the war with France, the issue of defending the city from the possible enemy's landing was acute. Near the bridge over the Berezina, the construction of artillery batteries was planned. The invasion of Napoleon's army of work was interrupted - and not completed. Nevertheless, many of them were in force. Borisov in the year 1812. The surviving structures are recognized historically and to this day are referred to as "Batteries".
  • Lunch
  • Museum
    At the request of the group, it is possible to visit Borisov State United Museum, House-Estate of I. Kh. Kolodev. You can also book an excursion with animation and take part in the Reconstruction of the battles of 1812 and witness the defeat of the Napoleonic army in the Brilev field.
  • Museum
    Museum House-Estate of I.H. Kolodeev
    There is a person in Belarusian history and in Borisov's history who has attracted the attention of book lovers, historians, collectors for more than a century. And personality, however, is versatile: the Chamberlain of the Supreme Court, the landlord and landowner, the industrialist and philanthropist. Ivan Khrisanfovich Kolodev is a man who collected the largest collection of war materials of 1812 in Europe. His House-Estate is a reflection of the style of the era in which he lived, a reflection of his life and the work of his whole life. At your request, a visit to the museum will be organized, the exposition of which will be interesting to a wide audience, as well as to specialists.
  • Museum
    Museum Borisov state united museum
    Those who first visited Borisov and wanted to know the history of the city better should pay attention to the local museum. The exposition has been working for more than 65 years, during this time an impressive collection of interesting exhibition samples dating from different periods has been collected. What the people of Barysau lived, what they believed in, what they fought for - the whole history of the city is easily read through museum exhibits, from the Stone Age to modern cultural and social life.
  • Moving
    Moving in Minsk (95 km)
  • The end of the tour