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Borisov Voskresensk cathedral

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Type: Churches Style: Retrospective -russian Date of Foundation: 1874 - 1874 yy Status: Regional value Borisov, Lopatin street, 34

A temple foundation has taken place on Sunday on September, 5th 1871 Year (on old style) in the presence of eminent persons. With speech the bishop has acted Minsk and Bobruisk Alexander. Built a cathedral Highly skilled masons from Ivenec, made out Interior artists Elishevsky and Trutnev. Building of a temple, Consecrated for the sake of Revival Christ”s, lasted three years and has ended 15 October, 1874 (on old style). And in five days, on October, 20th, occasionally the first divine service solemn ceremony with participation of the provincial has taken place management and the high-ranking clergy. The first prior Voskresensky Cathedral there was Kliment Groditsky.

To architecture of the Voskresensky cathedral are characteristic lines retrospectively-Russian style 1860-1880. An important element temple compositions is the cascade of heads-bulbs. The biggest light drum with the majestic chapter in the bottom of which is available two numbers of kokoshniks, is powerful end of a composition of a temple. At the heart of the art decision of facades contrast of red walls from a brick with white elements of a decor – platbands lies windows, angular columns, eaves etc. In the beginning of the XX-th century at a cathedral front entrance have erected Brick belfry.

In 1937 for a cathedral have come gloomy times. Believers have expelled from a temple, crosses from domes have cut, and internal furniture have plundered. The cathedral has been transformed into a granary, and the belltower is converted in a parachute tower. During war fascist invaders, aspiring to involve the slavic population on the party, have returned a cathedral to flock. It have repaired, and there have begun regular divine services. From the beginning 90-s religious life in a city began to revive. On June, 16th, 1997 repeated consecration of a belfry has taken place. Five bells, which have been consecrated Have been cast in Moscow on means of parishioners. Now in it there is a Sunday school of a cathedral and a baptismal temple, a throne which is consecrated in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky.

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Address Borisov, Lopatin street, 34 GPS Google: 54.245243′ N, 28.504731′ E