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Monument to prince Boris

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In the annals of the Belarusian-Lithuanian town of Borisov was mentioned by the year 1102. ”In 1102, Prince Boris Vseslavich went to Yatvingians  and won it, returning, put the city in his name ...” So, according to the Belarusian-Lithuanian historiography, appeared on the confluence of the Sha and the Berezina rivers, city - named after Polotsk prince Boris Vseslavovicha.
Prince Boris (christened Rogvolod) was born probably in 1054. He was the son of Prince Vseslav Bryacheslavovicha (Sorcerer), Polotsk descendant of Rurik. Prince Boris was an active champion of orthodoxy, was concerned about the spread of Christianity in the Polotsk land, even when a significant portion of people who have accepted the new faith, continued to worship the pagan fetishes. He was a devotee of the spiritual culture, writing, new views. Boris founded Borisoglebsky (Belchitsky) monastery near Polotsk, patron of Euphrosyne of Polotsk in her pious activities. After his father died in 1101 Boris took the throne of Polotsk. The activity of the prince is also associated epigraphy famous monuments - ”Boris”s stones.”
The monument to the annalistic founder of a city  is installed on the central square of Borisov in 2002 to 900 - anniversary of Borisov. Sculptor A. Artimovich architect E.Kovalevskogo and Morozov.

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