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News : Walking tour of Minsk for schoolchildren

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Exсursion Walking tour of Minsk

Walking tour of Minsk for schoolchildren

During school holidays the excursion portal Ekskursii.by invites to children's walking tour of Minsk with a visit to Vladislav Golubok's museum-guest-room - a museum of theater and musical culture, which is located in the historical center of Minsk and is easily accessible by metro or other public transport. The highlight of the excursion will be the batleyka with famous theatrical performances in the museum.

Walking tour in Minsk is a pleasant and exciting walk in the historical part of the city. Schoolchildren will take a walk, accompanied by a guide, on Trinity Suburb, will visit Island of courage and sorrow (Island of tears), will play an educational quiz with a guide and finally visit one of the unusual museums of the capital, which few people know about.

Museum Vladislav Golubok's guest-room is a place where you can come close to the work of the great artist, the first People's Artist of the BSSR and the head of the Third Belarusian State Theater, which he created.
Vladislav Golubok devoted himself entirely to the theater: he could simultaneously be a director, and an actor, and a playwright, and an administrator. And he did all this with inspiration and talent.
When you enter a museum, you immediately plunge into the atmosphere of art - theater, music, painting. Vladislav Golubok's guest-room always helps to present their works to various masters of the arts: exhibitions of artists, musical evenings and, of course, theatrical performances are held here. The participants of the excursion will see the performance of the Belarusian folk puppet theater - batleyka.

You can order an excursion on the portal ekskursii.by.
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