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A tour Quest Mysteries of the Nesvizhsky palace

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Tour - Quest Mysteries of the Nesvizhsky palace

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    • Nesvizh Palace 455 / 239

The excursion program - Quest Mysteries of the Nesvizhsky palace

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
  • Moving
    Moving in Nesvizh (120 km)
  • Attraction
    Attraction Nesvizh town hall (visual inspection)
    In the center ofNesvizh the fine example of architecture of the 16th century – a city Town hall – self-government institutions is located. She can tell you all mysteries of the medieval city and citizens: here the court was managed and sentences were pronounced, there was a city archive and treasury, control scales were stored here, and nearby there took place fairs. Heart of the oldest Town hall in Belarus and fights today rhythmically – each 15 minutes from a high tower remind of time hours.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Нouse on the market (home of craftsman) (visual inspection)
    The house of the handicraftsman or lodge in the market located at the market square, undoubtedly draws attention – there are no others such, not only in Nesvizh, but also Belarus. And 3 centuries ago building of the area around a town hall quite so looked: lodges of handicraftsmen with graceful baroque facades which, as if a maple leaf, elegantly cover a 2-skatny wooden roof. The house in the Market - the only example of city housing of the first half of the 18th century which has remained in Belarus with a peculiar baroque facade.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Benedictine Monastery in Nesvizh (visual inspection)
    Nicholas Christopher Radziwill the Orphan, who received a good education in Europe, and his wife Elzbeta Euphemia, who was often called the «Queen of Savskaya» for her beauty and intelligence, and in Nesvizh strived to develop education at the European level. On the initiative of Euphemia, in 1596 the first Catholic women's monastery in Belarus was founded in Nesvizh. Girls from noble families studied the word of God, music, embroidery, literacy, etc. here. The tradition of education runs like a red thread through the entire history of the city - and the thread is not broken. Today, the building of the monastery houses the Nesvizh State College named after Yakub Kolas.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Sluckaya brama (visual inspection)
    For centuries it has met traders and artisans, poets and composers, princes and kings. Or isn't she? At the end of the XVI century you could get to Nesvizh through one of 5 gates - there were no other options. Only one has survived to this day - the Slutsk. How often do you come across gates to the city? No? Then be sure to take a photo as a souvenir and make a wish after passing through them.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Nesvizh Church (Church of Jesuits)
    «Bow before your temple in your fear» - with these words the majestic and monumental Nesvizh Church of the Body of God greets parishioners. Erected in the XVI century, it became the first church in the Rzeczpospolita baroque style: magnificent frescoes, paintings, marble and gilding. Under the church there is the crypt of the Radziwills - the third tomb in Europe in terms of the number of burials. A truly atmospheric and captivating place.
  • Lunch
  • Attraction
    Attraction Nesvizh palace Radziwill
    Nesvizh is one of the oldest and most mysterious cities in Belarus, where the famous Nesvizh Palace is located. In the 16th century the beauty and splendor of its decoration rivaled many royal palaces: parquet flooring made of the most valuable types of wood, unique ceiling decoration, walls covered with gilding. This is a truly mystical place and one of the most mysterious in Belarus, within whose walls the soul of Barbara Radziwill - the Black Lady of Nesvizh - seeks repose.
  • Attraction
    Participation in quest of «The mystery of the Nesvizhsky palace» will be fascinating and memorable for children and adult, active and inquisitive, for all fans new and unusual. It is almost only opportunity to visit the places of a complex closed for tourists: to appear on the top floors of a tower or to go down in vaults, to open always the closed doors and to find answers to past riddles. You will meet secrets and obstacles, owners of the Radzivillami palace and their citizens. And, above all: get unforgettable emotions and bright impressions.
  • Moving
    Moving in Minsk (120 km)
  • The end of the tour