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A tour Walking tour of Minsk

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Tour - Walking tour of Minsk

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The excursion program - Walking tour of Minsk

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group Minsk, st. Internatsionalnaya 28, near the hotel Europe
  • Attraction
    Attraction Minsk Town Hall (visual inspection)
    As well as two hundred years ago the square, and in it one of the most beautiful buildings of the city – a snow-white silhouette of the Minsk town hall flaunts here. These buildings were built only in the city received Magdeburg rights - particularly the right to self-government. It has become an integral part of the Liberty Square - the historical center of Minsk. Here to judge and pass judgment, make decisions about the fate of the city and its inhabitants. It became an integral part of Liberty Square – the historic center of Minsk. It is difficult even to present that about 2004 years ago on this place there were emptiness – the town hall destroyed in 1857 was reanimated only 147 years later. Today, the former center of city self-government – magistrate, receives guests again: on the first floor – in the museum of Minsk, on the second – in a conference room.
  • Attraction
    Attraction The complex of the former Holy Spirit Monastery of Basilian (visual inspection)
    At different times the temple belonged to Greek-Catholic and Orthodox Christians, and now - to young musicians. On the waste ground in the heart of the capital the architectural masterpiece combining elements of a gothic style, the Renaissance and baroque returned (that in itself a rarity). The building of the former monastery a bazilianok where in the 16th century of the nun were engaged in guardianship of poor children, nowadays - children's music school. The men's case of the monastery played an important role in city life throughout all his life. Here at different times the Belarusian school and printing house, the library which was famous for a collection of rare manuscripts and printing books, the residence of the orthodox archbishop men's governmental a gymnasium was placed. Today is a one more key to studying of history of Minsk.
  • Attraction
    Attraction The complex of buildings of Bernardine monastery (visual inspection)
    The temple built in the middle of the 17th century at the monastery, once was famous for a set of carved gilded altars. However he acted not long – about 10 years. In the middle of the 18th century the monastery was closed, in connection with active participation in a revolt of monks-bernardines. In spite of the fact that its action was not resumed any more, the architecture of a complex is restored, and cases are used for the "secular" purposes.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (visual inspection)
    Cathedral, as if music which was by miracle embodied in a stone. It is heard from far away and pleases us when much of surrounding architecture is dissonant to this sublime feeling. The harmony of its appearance, softness of an outline of its bell towers, contrasts with rough, angular forms of buildings which are near the temple. Sacred Spirits the cathedral attracts attention from far away, towering on the high hill over Liberty Square.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (visual inspection)
    The cathedral church of Blessed Virgin of Maria decorates one of streets of the historic center of Minsk. In spite of the fact that its main volume "is hidden" among ordinary building, it, undoubtedly, fixes eyes of passersby. The church of the monastery of Jesuits built at the beginning of the 18th century, stores history and, the transferred from Rome, Saint Felitsian's relics. And here its shape, graceful elements of architecture and "ZD" frescos were carefully kept for us by architects of the fiftieth when "masked" the temple under a Stalin empire style.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Ruins of Minsk ancient castle (visual inspection)
    The small hill on Svislochi Embankment and also the model of the base of the first city temple in natural size — here, perhaps, all that reminds today of medieval fortress. According to one of versions, ancient Mensk which was built up at merge of two rivers and is surrounded with an earth shaft is founded here. Anyway, the place this picturesque is also fanned by legends and legends.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Trinity suburb (visual inspection)
    At the beginning of the 16th century, on the hill that towered over Svislochyyu, Trinity Monastery with church was built. Around them the residential quarters were formed that and was called — Troitsk. Time kept for us the Troitsk suburb with its multi-colored lodges and quiet picturesque small streets. Today it is a monument of architecture and culture of the international value. The stylized coffee houses and the museums postpone us to a moment ago in the 16th century where day after day the great history is written.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Island of courage and sorrow (visual inspection)
    At an entrance a big boulder with the walled icon. Under an icon the text: «To the sons who died in Afghanistan the temple is built it. That the evil was not neither on the, nor on others earth». And a black kaplitsa with a bell and the crying guardian angel. This place of memory and grief about three thousand Belarusian children that will of destiny became soldiers internationalists and died in the mountain wild land. It is the Island of courage and griefthe island got down.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Independence Square
    If outcomes of roads are thought up for unloading of streets, then the area – for «unloading» and rest of people. One of them – Independence Square. Having taken a place of honor in the downtown, it collected around itself a set of sights: the most beautiful church of Minsk and the oldest university, government buildings and the biggest monument to Lenin in the former Soviet Union. The modern landscape was added by lawns of greens and fountains, cozy shops and glass domes of the three-storyed shallow city – Shopping Center «Stolitsa».
  • Attraction
    Attraction Government house (visual inspection)
    The Government House is a monument of architecture of constructivism, built in 1934, is the largest building in the Belarusian architecture in the interwar period. Its volume is 240 thousand cubic meters. Despite the fact that its large size, the cold gray tones of the stone plaster and some crushing of the volumes, the building does not seem bulky and heavy.
    Currently, the legislative body of state power operates here - the Parliament, the central executive body - the Council of Ministers, other state institutions.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Church of Saints Simeon and Elena in Minsk (A red church) (visual inspection)
    The church of Saints Simeon and Elena received a "national" name of the Red church not accidentally. The festive, solemn and "rich" image of the temple built of red color of a brick decorates one of main squares of Minsk. However very tragic story about the died children of a fundator is behind fine neoromance architecture. Do not concede to exteriors magnificence and interiors of the Red church. Its main relic - the copy of the Turin shroud transferred from Italy in 2002. Near a church, in memory of the dead at nuclear bombing, "the Bell of Nagasaki" which everyone can call is established.
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