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Government house

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Type: The square and urban development Style: Constructivism Date of Foundation: 1934 year Status: Republican value Minsk, Independence Square

Government House - an architectural monument of constructivism, built in 1934 year by Leningrad architect I. Langbard. It occupies a central place on the Independence Square.

It was built by hand, without the excavators, bulldozers, tower cranes. Hand-dug excavation for the foundation, the land taken out on carts. The only mechanized - built of logs mine hoist to lift up a brick and other building materials. At the beginning of the 1930s years Building Government House was the highest building in Minsk. It has come to dominate the surrounding buildings.The building architecture is simple and concise. The dimension of the building grow from the edge to the center. The side wings form a front yard, at the entrance on which stands a monument of V.I. Lenin.

It works legislative organ of state power - Parliament , which consists of two chambers - House of representatives and Council of the Republic . On the building emblem and flag of the state. reveal all text

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12:00 04-August (Sunday) Walking tour of Minsk Available seats: +17 1'111 1'111 Book
12:00 18-August (Sunday) Walking tour of Minsk Available seats: +20 1'111 1'111 Book
12:00 25-August (Sunday) Walking tour of Minsk Available seats: +20 1'111 1'111 Book

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Address Minsk, Independence Square GPS Google: 53.896127′ N, 27.544945′ E