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UNESCO world heritage - Mir and Nesvizh castles

New English Экскурсия UNESCO world heritage - Mir and Nesvizh castles

Mir Castle, Nesvizh Palace, Nesvizh Farny Church
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Mir Nesvizh

Программа тура - Экскурсия UNESCO world heritage - Mir and Nesvizh castles

Тип экскурсии: Историко-архитектурная26 , Длительность: 12:00 ч. , Протяженность: 270 км
Тематика экскурсии: Каменная летопись48, Знаменитые люди43, Города Беларуси151, Замки и дворцы60
Маршрут: Mir-Nesvizh

  • Tour «The Architectural and Historical Ensembles of Mir and Nesvizh» is connected with the past of our country. Tour presents you some of the historical facts about Belarus and show you the distinctive Belarusian architecture represented by defensive, cult and civil constructions.
    In Mir you are visiting the Mir Castle, a wonderful memorial of the Belarusian architecture, one of the biggest castle-fortresses of Eastern Europe. The castle is a UNESCO monument. This is a unique example of the architectural and cultural heritage. But even appearance of castle cannot convey to you an unforgettable story that you will hear from experienced guides. Your heart will not let forget the fascinating trip to Belarus with long-standing legends about a sheep's head, underground passages, white maidens, ghosts of the Radzivils and other stories. Interesting? Yes! It is interesting!
  • Despite the fact that the town Mir is very small, it is incomparably beautiful. Mir is town of love, unforgettable stories with beautiful Belarusian landscapes. There is family tomb, Catholic Church, Trinity church... We promise you impressions, beautiful photos and good mood.
  • Food for reflection is good, but the body needs food! The cost of the tour includes a delicious lunch in the Belarusian style.
  • In Nesvizh, one of the oldest Belarusian towns, you are visiting the Roman-Catholic Church of the Divine Body, the so-called Farny Church, and you are going to see the Palace from the outside as well as some other buildings and constructions made by our ancestors in the 16th and the 17th centuries.
    The Nesvizh Palace is a place for all tourist visitors. Main residence of the Radziwill family located here. Nesvizh Palace inscribed on the UNESCO List. You have to visit here! The tourist heart of Belarus is here. You will learn the truth about the black Lady Nesvizh, the treasures of the Radziwills and the humpback of the sarcophagus. There is luxury and wealth, valuable collections, weapons, paintings and books here. About Nesvizh Palace you can talk for a long time, but it's better to see once. Everyone who has visited here at least once in his life dreams of returning to once again to enjoy the beauty.
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График проведения экскурсии UNESCO world heritage - Mir and Nesvizh castles

Excursions from Minsk
Minsk: group gathering: st. Surazhskaya, 10 (metro station Institute of Culture)

График проведения экскурсии
Дата / Длительность Цена взрослые Цена дети    
1.  09:00  23-Ноября-2017 (Четверг) / 12 ч.
(выезд из Минска)
90,00 BYN 79,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
2.  09:00  30-Ноября-2017 (Четверг) / 12 ч.
(выезд из Минска)
90,00 BYN 79,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
3.  09:00  07-Декабря-2017 (Четверг) / 12 ч.
(выезд из Минска)
90,00 BYN 79,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
4.  09:00  14-Декабря-2017 (Четверг) / 12 ч.
(выезд из Минска)
90,00 BYN 79,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
5.  09:00  21-Декабря-2017 (Четверг) / 12 ч.
(выезд из Минска)
90,00 BYN 79,00 BYN заказать экскурсию
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  • Mir Castle 12,00 BYN/6,00 BYN
  • Nesvizh Palace 14,00 BYN/7,00 BYN
*The tourist enterprise can change the trip schedule, and also to make some changes to the round program without reduction of quantity and quality of provided services.

Маршрут UNESCO world heritage - Mir and Nesvizh castles

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