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A tour Sports Minsk

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Tour - Sports Minsk

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The excursion program - Sports Minsk

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
  • Attraction
    Attraction The stadium «Dynamo» (visual inspection)
    The history of Dynamo stadium in Minsk began with a sad note – for construction, on ancient burials of the ancient Jewish cemetery started up bulldozers, and tombstones cynically used for installation of borders – there was it in the 1930th years. In 4 years the main stadium of the city appeared. More than once it collapsed and restored, accepted athletes and fans, participants of the summer Olympic Games of 1980. Now the stadium is on serious reconstruction, from a former complex only the relief arcade on perimeter remained. The platform respective to 4 stars of UEFA prepares for opening.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Republican Centre of Sport and Physical Education Students (visual inspection)
    Many Minskers remember this building as the House of physical culture with the speaking name "Manpower reserves" - here brought up physically healthy replenishment of working class. Today it is the Republican center of physical training and sport of pupils and students – already since the early childhood or in students children can join the sports current of Belarus, take the first steps to improvement or lay the way to big-time sports. As shows experience – this children actively use an opportunity.
  • Attraction
    Attraction National Palace of Sports
    The degree project of the architect Filimonov who very much interested already skilled architect Mazurov in the novelty and originality – the history of Republican Sports palace quite so began. Shortly before opening, the muralist Fernand Leger most famous around the world, with the wife Belarusian stopped by in Minsk, – it very much liked the palace. The master offered as a gift the unique work – a panel for a facade. However the Soviet power did not apprehend the western culture. Let without panel, but, already more than 50 years the palace is one of the largest platforms, for sports meets, concerts, festivals. And by its example Sports palaces in Vilnius, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Dnipropetrovsk are constructed.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Football arena (visual inspection)
    The football arena is a multipurpose complex and the covered football field. It is an excellent opportunity for football players to train and play matches in Belarus at all seasons of the year. Children – our future, little football players – the future of soccer. Therefore more than a half of all playing time on the football ambassador is used by children's and youth sports school. As for appearance of an arena – he deserves special attention - it is architecture of "biological forms" which excludes the rectangular shapes and corners not peculiar to wildlife, and betrays to the huge building plasticity and elegance.
  • Attraction
    Attraction A sports complex Minsk-Arena
    It is continually heard here «White-blue – the strongest!» The home arena of HK «Dynamo» and one of the most modern constructions of Europe, for holding the international sporting and cultural and entertaining events – the Multipurpose cultural and sports Minsk arena complex. The architect Valery Kutsko created a unique monument of modern architecture – style hi-tech. The arena surpasses by the beauty, design, functionality all previous sports constructions of Belarus. Since 2010 it became the platform of a set of world and significant sports competitions and the largest concert venue. A row located the avenue of Sports glory and a stele «Triumph».
  • Attraction
    Attraction Belarusian State University of Physical Culture (visual inspection)
    This place where the history of great and difficult victories – the Belarusian state university of physical culture is written. Let's just call some graduates, and their thousands. The athlete, the Olympic champion, the brilliant trainer and the world record-holder - Ramuald Klim; the three-time Olympic champion and the repeated world champion, the fighter of freestyle - Alexander Medved; the four-time Olympic champion and the repeated world champion in fencing on rapiers - Elena Belova; one of the best gymnasts of all times and the six-time Olympic champion - Vitaly Shcherbo; the first Soviet Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics - Marina Lobach; the olipiysky champion and the freestyler - Alexey Grishin, the freestyler and the two-time Olympic prize-winner in acrobatics - Dmitry Dashchinsky; the most famous tennis-player of the world and the ex-first racket of the world - Victoria Azarenka, the Olympic prize-winner in swimming - Aleksandra Gerasimenya; a brilliant example of sports valor, devotion, mutual assistance – the Olympic prize-winners on rowing on the kanoye-two - Alexander and Andrey Bogdanovichi.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Palace of tennis (visual inspection)
    The national academy of tennis is an academy of high achievements and victories. These are 25 modern tennis courts – they conform to high requirements of the International tennis federation (ITF) and became the platform of the international professional ITF tournaments of the series "Satellite", "Futures", tournaments of the European tennis association (ETA) and also matches of the Cup of Davies. Here the road of champions who multiply glory to Belarus and tennis worldwide ran: Maxim Mirnyi, Vladimir Volchkov, Sergey Teterin, Natalya Zvereva, Victoria Azarenka, Tatyana Puchek, Olga Barabanshchikova, Olga Govortsova and others.
  • The end of the tour