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Palace of tennis

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Type: Sports-entertaining objects Date of Foundation: 1978 year Minsk, Pobediteley avenue, 63

Built Tennis Palace in 1978 year by architect L. Gelfand. While almost no palace, designed specifically for one sport. The full name of the palace, ”National Center for Olympic training in tennis and table tennis”.

Tennis cultivated in Belarus since 1921 year, but before the 50th years. They were engaged in it have only a few decimal athletes. Around this time, tennis, officially given to UNESCO, turns out to first place in the world in terms of development, the scale of international relations.

Under the dome of this unique sports facility housed four tennis courts and other necessary parts of the Centre. There is room in a building desktop tennis warm-up room with a sliding door stop wall, auxiliary facilities for athletes and spectators, sauna, gym, administrative offices. Sports complex consists of 10 outdoor tennis courts with a total number of seats for spectators about 3 thousand. Outdoor courts built to meet the world”s infrastructure maintenance requirements. They can provide both the training process of the national team of Belarus on tennis, and sports competitions to hold an international level.

Today at the Center for tennis training are not only Max Mirnyi , but also many tennis master Vladimir Volchkov, Olga Barabanschikova, Tatiana Poutchek, Nadejda Ostrovskaya, Eugene Shchetinin, etc. including, of course, and table-tennis: Vladimir Samsonov, Evgeny Shchetinin.

Students of the Centre for tennis and table tennis are part of the national teams of the Republic of Belarus. reveal all text

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Address Minsk, Pobediteley avenue, 63 GPS Google: 53.925014′ N, 27.519701′ E