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Oil rocker-machine

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Type: Industrial buildings Status: Without a category Gomel region M 10

The rocking machine is one of the most important types of oil and gas equipment. Its construction consists of a reducer and a double four-link joint mechanism, which both together form a balanced drive of rod pumps. Rocking machine takes an essential part in the oil industry. Rod pumps, which use a rocking machine as a drive, are widely spread all over oil producing countries and make up about 2/3 of all producing wells in the world. According to this fact, we can name it a symbol of oil production without saying - its stylized image can be found in the logos of companies, periodicals, exhibitions, forums, conferences related to oil and gas topics.
Experienced specialists in an accessible way will tell and show the operating principle of the rocking machine. You will be able to plunge into this powerful process of work, to feel its scale, to realize the gravity and importance of the work, to get acquainted with the main difficulties and specialities of this mechanism.

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Address Gomel region M 10 GPS Google: 52.400388′ N, 30.897675′ E