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A trip to visit Ded Moroz

New Year is a time of magic and happiness. On this holiday, everyone can believe in a fairy tale, plunge into the atmosphere of something unusual, mysterious, bewitching and unforgettable. Children are especially looking forward to this holiday, associating it with miracles and gifts. And all parents dream that he will be remembered and pleased their child. Well, what is the New Year without Santa Claus? You can invite the hero of the occasion to your home, or you can go directly to visit him. Only here is the question: where to go to Santa Claus?

Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by offers the most interesting places where you can meet the main symbol of the holiday. Excursions to the Belarusian Santa Claus are conducted by qualified certified tour guides, include entrance tickets and animation programs, and all transfers are organized on comfortable buses. Choose the option you like and send an application - we will think over everything to the smallest detail and make sure that your child has a fabulous impression of the New Year's Eve.

Title Description
New Year in Belovezhskaya Pushcha
from 25.12.2023 to 15.01.2024
Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Belarusian Father Frost's estate in Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the country's most famous tourist brand. This is one of the most beautiful places of «residence» of Santa Claus in the world, which creates a festive atmosphere and a sense of magic.

The program includes:

  • visiting enclosures with wild animals;
  • visiting the Estate of Father Frost;
  • sweet gift;
  • transport and excursion support.
New Year's fairy tale «Beyond the Mirror» in DIPRIS Park
from 22.12.2023 to 07.01.2024
Dipriz Zoolandscape Park

The Animal Park invites you to spend a magical time this year in an extraordinary atmosphere. The thematic program «Beyond the Mirror» invites you to meet various fairy-tale characters: postman Pechkin, Maleficent, Princess Fiona, Hermione Granger, etc. And don’t worry if the grumpy Grinch throws candy at you!

The program includes:

  • visit the fabulous locations of the park;
  • participation in the New Year's fairy tale «Beyond the Mirror»;
  • New Year's gift (for children);
  • travel on a comfortable bus;
  • accompanying guide on the road.
To Santa Claus in Dudutki
from 22.12.2023 to 07.01.2024
Museum Complex of Old Folk Crafts and Technologies of Dudutki

Magic reception by Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in the open air on the territory of the residence, where all guests can not only chat with Grandfather, but also get a great New Year's mood in exciting games with the Snow Maiden, taste New Year's magical tea, and children can get a sweet souvenir from Santa Claus!

The program includes:

  • complex tour;
  • visiting the residence of Santa Claus;
  • fragrant tea;
  • sweet souvenir gift;
  • travel by comfortable bus;
  • accompanying guide on the road.
To Santa Claus to the Stalin Line
from 23.12.2023 to 07.01.2024
Stalin Line Historical and Cultural Complex

A red coat of a strict cut with epaulettes on the shoulders, an astrakhan collar and a hat with a star – perhaps the most unusual Santa Claus awaits you at the «Stalin Line». As well as fun competitions, winter fun and much more.

The program includes:

  • complex tour;
  • inspection of bunkers, trenches, equipment;
  • visiting Father Frost's dugout;
  • commemorative gift;
  • travel by comfortable bus;
  • tubing and sledding;
  • participation in the quest «Search for small arms»;
  • accompanying guide on the road.
New Year's program in the fresh air «Laboratory of Miracles» in Stankovo
from 23.12 to 08.01
Ecological Tourism Center «Stankovo»

Young guests will become heroes of an ancient legend and meet a variety of fairy-tale characters – Wednesday, Lol Unicorn, Sky, Mimishka, Santa Claus and many others! All fairy-tale heroes will gather in the Stankovsky forest to prepare little friends for a meeting with the mysterious dragon.

The program includes:

  • christmas view;
  • visiting the zoo;
  • travel by comfortable bus;
  • accompanying guide on the road.
«Winter jumps of Tsmoka and Sule»
from 06.12.2023 to 14.01.2024
Pansky Sula Maentak

Sula has prepared an exciting New Year's adventure, where park guests will face challenges and meet various fairy-tale characters in a wide variety of locations. Guests will be able to take part in winter rituals, challenges, entertaining games and dances, as well as watch a traditional carol battle.

The program includes:

  • quest «Winter jumps of Tsmoka and Sule»;
  • master classes according to the program;
  • treats or gifts;
  • chaise/sleigh ride.
Thematic program «Kalyady»
from 12.12.2023 to 14.01.2024
Dukorsky maentak

Tourists will be introduced to caroling traditions. Guests will get a carol star, find themselves in the roles of a Goat and a Bear, and will also receive a holiday gift.

The program includes:

  • animated carol program;
  • gift and treat;
  • chaise ride;
  • visit the inverted house and locations of the museum complex.
New Year's fairy tale in the Berezinsky Reserve
from 10.12 to 15.01
Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Berezinsky Nature Reserve invites everyone to celebrate the New Year in the most reserved place in Belarus!

The program includes:

  • visiting the forest zoo and pet zoo;
  • animation program near the Christmas tree with Bolotnik and Santa Claus;
  • excursion in the museum of nature;
  • transport and excursion support.
Residence of Father Frost in the palace of Prince Potemkin
from 15.12.2023 to10.01.2024
Potemkin Palace in Krichev

The Palace of Count Potemkin invites you to visit the Residence of Father Frost, where, in addition to a colorful tour of the palace itself, you will be able to meet Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, take part in a game program, and also take memorable photos in the New Year photo zone.

The program includes:

  • sightseeing tour of Potemkin Palace;
  • visit to the Residence of Father Frost;
  • New Year's game program;
  • photo session in the New Year photo zone.
Visiting Polessky Zyuzya in the New Year's «Safari Park»
from 03.12 to 28.01
National Park «Pripyat»

Polessky Zyuzya and his granddaughter invite you to visit the New Year's safari park, where you will plunge into a fairy tale.

The program includes:

  • excursion to the «Safari Park»;
  • New Year's performance;
  • gift from Polessky Zyuzi;
  • sweet treat (pancake with honey or jam and herbal tea);
  • cheesecake riding;
  • treat from Baba-Yaga and Kikimora;
  • pet food;
  • transport and excursion support.
Winter's Tale in Malivour
from 14.12.2023 to 07.01.2024
Country of Malivur

Snow elves and their guests are trying to wake up the fire-breathing dragon, which the evil sorcerer Glogan put to sleep in order to prevent the arrival of the New Year in a fairy-tale land.

The program includes:

  • fairytale performance;
  • visit a fairy-tale gazebo and meet the heroes of a fairy-tale land;
  • visit the houses of the Dobrovits;
  • visit tree houses;
  • visit a fairytale theater;
  • visit the Lunara turtle cafe;
  • getting to know horses;
  • transport and excursion support.
Bai and Zyuzya know Karagodzyats at Akruse
from 16.12.2023 to 07.01.2024
Sports and tourist complex «Ozerki»

Excursionists will visit a fairytale forest in which the lights of the New Year tree are lit by Zyuzya, the Belarusian lord of frost, and grandfather Bai. Guests will meet various insidious and kind characters, and the fun time will be complemented by winter fun and unexpected surprises.

The program includes:

  • entertainment program;
  • treats;
  • tour of the complex;;
  • visit the mythological trail and the gallery of spirits;
  • game program.
New Year's performance «The Snow Queen» at the ATK «Garadzenski Maentak «Karobchytsy»
from 22.12.2023 to 07.01.2024
Garadzenski Maentak «Karobchytsy»

You can go on a journey with Gerda, the Storyteller, the little Slave Girl and other heroes of the old fairy tale. After the performance, guests will be able to visit the Residence of Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, where everyone will be able to receive a sweet gift and take memorable photos.

The program includes:

  • fairytale performance;
  • visit the residence of Father Frost;
  • sweet gift;
  • transport and excursion support.

The price includes:

  • all entrance fees according to the program;
  • transport service (departure from Minsk);
  • services of a guide certified by the national tourism agency;
  • Free seats for the group organizer or accompanying person (for every 10 children seats, 1 free adult accompanying seat is provided).

Extra paid:

  • meals - from 15.00 BYN (set lunch - soup, hot dish with garnish, salad, drink);

You can get advice on organizing an excursion to Santa Claus in the following ways:

  1. from your order page;
  2. by phone (+37529) 756-66-65 by sending a message to Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype;
  3. by phone (+37517) 394-49-13 (multichannel);
  4. by fax (+37517) 394-59-09;
  5. by E-mail - send message >>

If among the proposed options you did not find a suitable one, send us an application for organizing a sightseeing tour, indicate your wishes for the trip, our specialists will send you proposals within 24 hours.