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«Lida Beer» Brewery

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Type: Industrial buildings Status: Factories and plants Belarus, Grodno region, Lida, ul. Mickiewicz, 32

One of the oldest breweries in Belarus is the brewery "Lida Beer", founded in 1876. The owner of the plant was Nosel Pupko and his descendants for 3 generations.

A label on which a deer resting on a barrel is depicted appeared Already in 1900. Silver medals are added In 1900 on the labels, the award of the International Exhibition in Reims.

During the First World War, the law on the prohibition of the production and sale of alcohol was adopted. The owner Meilah Pupko in 1914 negotiates with local authorities to process beer into a drink that contains no more than 1.5% of alcohol. The plant will continue to brew beer, after the occupation of Lida by the Germans , which abolished the law on the prohibition of alcohol. In 1919, when the Germans escaped from the city, the soldiers of the Red Army demanded kvass. In that way in 1920 the plant began to produce Lida kvass.

The plant was nationalized in 1939, after what the previous owners Pupko worked at the plant as ordinary employees. The Zhigulevskoye beer was brewed for the first time at the factory in 1940. June 27, 1941 Lida was captured by the Germans, but the plant did not stop working. In the 50's, they started to cook dark "Velvet beer.

For a century, in 1976, the plant was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor. In honor of the anniversary, a new kind of beer "Our Brand" was created. The
In 1985, the struggle against drunkenness began. The government bans the production of alcoholic beverages. The plant starts producing soft drinks, such as Vostochny, Utro, Chernichniy, etc. In 1996, the plant starts the Czech beer bottling line together with the Austrian brewers Eggenberg International.

In 2000, near-beer "Nulevochka" and "Lida Premium" appeared. In the same year, the plant became the first who produce beer in 1.5-liter bottles.

Also the year 2007 was successful for the plant, this year, Lidskoye Beer OJSC was the first in the Republic of Belarus in the brewing industry to receive an international quality certificate ISO 22000: 2005. In 2016, the plant turned 140 years old, in honor of this the novelty "Lida Legend" was produced.

Currently, the brewery in Lida is the oldest one that operates on the territory of Belarus. It can rightfully be called the national pride of the country. 110 awards, received by the plant at republican and international exhibitions and competitions are evidences of it. reveal all text

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Address Belarus, Grodno region, Lida, ul. Mickiewicz, 32 GPS Google: 53.896902′ N, 25.303708′ E