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Tomb of St. Valentine of Minsk

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Type: Cemeteries, burial places, chapels, Pilgrimage places Status: Regional value Minsk region, Dzerzhinsky district, Krysovo village

For more than fifty years, numerous pilgrims have been traveling to the tomb of Saint Valentine of Minsk.

Mother Valentina, in the world Valentina Fyodorovna Sulkovskaya, was born in 1888 in the village of Koski, Dzerzhinsky district, in the family of a priest. Since childhood, the girl has been very pious she raised her head to heaven and talked with them. The first miracle, committed by Valentina, occurred when the girl was with her father in Kronstadt. The ship on which they sailed into the city had to face another ship. And then before the girl appeared Saint Panteleimon the Healer and ordered her to pray unceasingly, which Valentina did. Then the ships missed a miracle.

Before the First World War, Valentina married Fedor Sulkowski, as well as she, who came from a clan of priests. During the Soviet era, the mother's husband was repressed, the parents had already died by that time, and she herself was seriously ill - the kidneys were inflamed.

Even during her life, Valentina had the gift to heal people. Despite the fact that the woman was seriously ill and did not get out of bed, she did not refuse to help anyone. Valentina died in 1966, and in 2006 she was ranked by the Synod of the Belarusian Orthodox Church as Saint Blessed Valentine of Minsk.

During life, Blessed Valentine remembered people as a very kind, compassionate and pious person. My mother said that if you come to her grave as a living, she will help the suffering. Now it is happening: from all parts of Belarus, the countries of the Near and Far Abroad, numerous pilgrims are asking for help from the grave of Valentina. The saint helps to heal from heart diseases, infertility.

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Address Minsk region, Dzerzhinsky district, Krysovo village GPS Google: 53.678268′ N, 27.256029′ E