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Novogrudok historical- ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 8 Location: Novogrudok, Grodno region

August 25, 1987 adopted decision to the Bureau of the Central Committee of the PBC, number 179 on the establishment of Novogrudok historical- ethnographic museum. The opening took place on 11 September 1992. Two museum located in the building of the demonstration area of ​​350,2 square meters. Funds of the museum includes 22111 items, of which the main fund is 11488 of museum objects, research and support materials is 10623.

Of cultural events at the museum themed lectures (1-2 times a month), museum lessons for young and middle-aged, museum meetings with interesting people: poets, writers (1 times a month). Souvenirs of the museum represented by the books, ceramics, booklets. magnets. The research activities of the museum is aimed at training, the creation and display of exhibitions, development of thematic plans, exhibits and displays, museum lectures and lessons, preparation of scientific articles for periodicals.

Photo - Novogrudok historical- ethnographic museum

    Exposure - Novogrudok historical- ethnographic museum

    1. ”The emergence and development of the ancient Navagrudak” presented flint and stone tools, pottery, iron, non-ferrous metals, women's jewelry, hoard of bronze bracelets XVIII - X centuries, the layout of the castle Novogrudskii XI - XIII centuries, excavation materials Navagrudak castle.
    2. ”Nowogrodek as the center of the Grand Principality of Lithuania and the Orthodox Metropolis” collections of archeology, manuscripts, Lavrishevskoe gospel, the layout of the castle of XVI century. Introduces the Muslim community Novogrudok, culture and publishing in knigopisaniya on Novogrudok, Novogrudskaya Orthodox metropolis.
    3. ”Nowogrodek during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Russian Empire” collections of archeology and numismatics, layout Novogrudskii destruction of the castle. Introduces events XVI - XIX centuries in Novogrudok: The Union of Lublin in 1569, Brest Church Union in 1596, Rebellion 1863, War of 1812.
    4. ”Famous people of Novogrudok” introduces the biography of B. Dybowskiy, B. Turaev, S. Rusetskaya, F. Evlashovskiy, E. Karskiy, J. Drozdovich, Yan Bulgakov. Also talks about the gentry estates Novogrudok, meditsyny and education.
    5. ”Agriculture. Weaving. Peasant house” displays objects of peasant life, weaving, interior peasant's hut, embroidery, Novogrudskiy system.
    6. ”Nowogrodek in the interwar period” collections of documents bonistics, prints and photographs division of the First World War memorial plaque Boris China. Introduces the history of the Belarusian Association of School to Novogrudok, history Novogrudskaya school and high school at the Adam Mickiewicz, the activities of the Communist Party of Western Belarus.
    7. ”Novogrudok in the Great Patriotic War” Includes documents, photos, numismatics, guns. Introduces the occupation regime to Novogrudok, Novogrudskaya history of the Jewish community, "Novogrudok cauldron", forced labor during the occupation, the guerrilla movement, the activities of the Home Army, Nazareth sisters.
    8. ”The Jewish resistance at Novogrudok” exhibit includes reconstruction of three rooms housing the barracks in the Jewish ghetto Navagrudak, tells the story of the organization of escape through a tunnel and family about the partisan detachment of the Bielski brothers.

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    Address 231400, Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Novogrudok, Grodnenskaya st., 2 GPS Google: 53.597494′ N, 53.597494′ E