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Geodetic point «Ivatsevichi»

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Type: Monuments Status: The international value Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Ivatsevichi

Struve Geodetic Arc is a network of 265 triangulation points, crossing from north to south 10 European countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, which was created from 1816 to 1855 to determine the parameters of the Earth , it's shape and size. Measurements were carried out under the guidance of well-known Russian astronomer, academician, the first director of the Pulkovo Observatory Vasily Yakovlevich Struve.

Thanks to these facilities has been proven that the Earth is not a perfect sphere shape and ellipsoid. Scientists say that, despite the temporary changes in the terrain, the difference between modern and ancient meridian measurements was less than 3.5 cm.

Struve Geodetic Arc is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. From 265 points remained only 34. On the territory of Belarus is 19 geodetic points - more than in any other country, 6 of them are inscribed on the World Heritage List. At all points installed metal four-sided pyramid, and additional stela-sites (1.5 m high obelisk, topped with a 100-pound «earthly» sphere with Belarus circuit) can be seen in the paragraphs «Chekutsk» geodetic arc, «Lyaskovichi», «Osovnitsa».

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Location map - Geodetic point «Ivatsevichi»

Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Ivatsevichi GPS Google: 52.708420′ N, 25.334140′ E