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Sviato-Nikolayevskaya brotherly Church in Brest

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Type: Churches Style: Retrospective -russian Date of Foundation: 1906 year Status: Regional value Вrest, Sovetskaya Street, 10

St. Nicholas Church was built of brick in 1904-1906 in the place of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, in which the Union of Brest was adopted in 1596 .

The Church is an architectural monument in retrospect-russian style with elements of the Moscow church architecture of the XVII century. The Construction of the temple were built at the expense of participants of Russian-Japanese War, which saw their patron St. Nicholas.

The temple is richly decorated with friezes, features, the vaults are covered with paintings.

There are the relics of the great martyr A.Brestky, the part of the holy relics of St Theodosius of Chernigov, an icon of St. Nicholas, the Holy Crucifix with a piece of stone from Golgotha.

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Photo - Sviato-Nikolayevskaya brotherly Church in Brest

Location map - Sviato-Nikolayevskaya brotherly Church in Brest

Address Вrest, Sovetskaya Street, 10 GPS Google: 52.097824′ N, 23.689436′ E