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Church of St. Nicholas in Malorita

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Type: Churches, Wooden architecture Style: Retrospective -russian Date of Foundation: 1900 - 1907 yy Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Brest region, city Malorita

Church of St. Nicholas is located in the city center, near the river Malorita.
On place of the present church was an old wooden church, which burned down in a fire (1904). Construction of the new church was made on donations of parishioners. Great help in the construction of the church made graph Checherin, who in those days passed through Malorita to his estate, and got into a trouble. Here he was helped and he made a donation for the construction of the temple. In the documents of the State Archive of Brest region for 1921 - 1939 years there is evidence of the Orthodox Church in Malorita, namely the Church of St. Nicholas in the village Malorita, which was built in 1907 at the expense of the parishioners. Church is wooden, outside painted with oil paints. In 1922 and in 1926 was carried out major repairs of the church. The bell tower was connected with the building of the church.
During the Great Patriotic War in Malorita Church held worship. In 1950 the church building, the decision of rayspolkom were transferred Urban Affairs under the communal apartments. And only in 1992, at the request of the priest Nicholas Kudlasevich and parishioners, executive committee one returned to the church building, which now is a Sunday school.
In 1992 the church was on fire. Forces parishioners and with the help of district organizations, the church was restored. Produced painted walls and ceilings, heating connected. November 6, 1993 it was made a full consecration of the church. The consecration was performed by Brest and Kobrin Archbishop Konstantin.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, city Malorita GPS Google: 51.79122′ N, 24.088915′ E