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Saint-Pokrovskiy monastery in Hoynyky

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Type: Monasteries Date of Foundation: 1988 year Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, city of Hoyniki
After the Chernobyl accident active revival of church life in the town of Hoyniki has begun. One of the first has restored Sacred Church of the Intercession, and in her territory the Sacred and Pokrovsk convent was located. Fine paintings in the temple were executed by gifted artists of Belarus and Ukraine. In each temple there is especially esteemed icon, here - an icon of the Mother of God "The fertile sky". At the beginning of the 18th century the list of an icon has been presented by family of princes Trubetskoy of church in Hoynikakh in gratitude for a courtship to the princess Agafya, the daughter of the specific prince Ignatiy Shuysky. Since then to this day her history is written. reveal all text

Location map - Saint-Pokrovskiy monastery in Hoynyky

Address Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, city of Hoyniki GPS Google: 51.902127′ N, 29.972846′ E