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The gates of the city

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Type: The square and urban development Style: Classicism Date of Foundation: 1953 year Status: Without a category Minsk, Privokzal'naja Square

The gates of the city - set of quarters, located opposite the railway station, is perceived as a ceremonial entrance to the city by bus and train stations. This perception is enhanced by two eleven-story buildings at the corners of the five-story apartment houses, placed symmetrically. ”Twin Towers” built in the style of stalinist classicism of the project leningrad architect B.Rubanenko.

There are sculptures of peasants, workers, Red Army soldiers on the upper storeys of buildings. The watch in one of the towers is the biggest in Belarus (diameter is greater than 3.5 m). These watches were created over a hundred years ago in Germany and Belarus were as war booty after World War II. reveal all text

Photo - The gates of the city

Location map - The gates of the city

Address Minsk, Privokzal'naja Square GPS Google: 53.892077′ N, 27.551061′ E