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Church of St. Mary Magdalene

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Type: Churches, Pilgrimage places Date of Foundation: 1847 year Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kiseleva street, 42

Church of Mary Magdalene - a monument of the late classicism. Built in 1847 year on the former Storozhevsky cemetery. The building is rectangular, three-section with a bell tower. The place, where the church, the old-timers still call lieth - the name of the river, a tributary of Svisloch, and farm, which Judge Martin Volodkovich Ming donated Orthodox monastery.

Erected on donations, the church of St Mary Magdalene (she is also our duty to the tradition of giving each other Easter eggs), at first, ”rooted” almshouse for the elderly and disabled people, and over the years - the church school.

Church of Mary Magdalene was the first church in the city , which is returned to the faithful, after more than forty years of Ming temple buildings used as warehouses and archives.

In 1946-86 years, the church was located in the Central State Archive of Film and Photo in Belarus. Since 1990 year, the church was in effect.

A 25 November 1990 year Minsk hosted the first in decades, the procession - from the Holy Spirit Cathedral in the newly consecrated church was moved to a special Redeemer Cathedral relics of Mary Magdalene . Mary Magdalene - one of the most venerated saints in the Christian world and one of the most enigmatic characters in the Gospel. There is a stream myrrh and image of St. Nicholas . Its miraculous properties appeared in 2002 year, when the procession came to Minsk with the icon of the royal martyrs.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kiseleva street, 42 GPS Google: 53.916031′ N, 27.553571′ E