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National academic theatre of Opera and ballet

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Type: Objects of culture Date of Foundation: 1935 - 1937 yy Status: The international value Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Paris Commune Square, 1

National academic theatre of Opera and Ballet of Republic of Belarus was established in 1933 year as the State Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus on the basis of the Belarusian opera and ballet studio.

The story begins in the theater 20s years of the twentieth century in the first stage of State Drama Theatre, which had in its composition of opera singers, ballet and choral groups and a small symphony orchestra. For three years the studio has produced a galaxy of professional artists and has staged operas ”The Golden Cockerel” by Rimsky-Korsakov (1931 year) and ”Carmen” by Bizet (1932 year). May 25, 1933 year the State Theatre of Opera and Ballet was opened in Minsk Opera ”Carmen” with the great Belarusian singer Larisa Alexandrovskaya in the title role.

One of the main objectives of its the Theater of Opera and Ballet of Belarus considered creation of a national repertoire. March 10, 1939 year the Belarusian premier opera composer Eugene Tikotsky ”Michas Podgorny” was marked by opening its own theater building at Trinity Hill, built by the famous architect Joseph Langbard. The first ballet performance, presented in a new stage in the production of the famous choreographer Kasian Goleizovsky became ”The Fountain of Bakhchisarai” B.Asafeva, which opened a new season of 1939-1940 years.

During the Great Patriotic War, opera and ballet theater was evacuated to the Volga region of Russia, where he continued his active creative work. Occupants were taken out of the theater museum, all the furniture, musical instruments, scenery, wardrobe for 23 opera and ballet performances, electrical equipment, sheet music library. In the surviving buildings were arranged in a stable.

Immediately after the liberation of the staff returned to Minsk in December 1944 year opened the season premier opera ”Alesia” E.Tikotskogo (conductor-art director - M.E.Shneyderman, director Director - B.A.Pokrovsky, Art Direction - S.F.Nikolaev). This event marked the revival of the National Opera and Ballet. After the repair and reconstruction of damaged buildings bombed theater razabrats work resumed, and soon became one of the theater of the recognized leaders in the cultural time of the former Soviet Union.

Notable events in the history of the national theater of the postwar period matrix. operation premiere of the ballet ”Prince Lake” V.Zolotareva and the opera ”Kastus Kalinowski” Dm.Lukasa (1949 year). In addition, in 50 years significant achievements of the Belarusian theater due to the interpretations of Russian and foreign classical opera. At the same time more effectively, an important part of the creative process were staging the works of Soviet and national composers. In subsequent years, until the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian theater had a solid reputation of one of the brightest and most creative teams viable. The activities of the ballet company in the 80-90s years is characterized by continuous enrichment of the repertoire of classic masterpieces, the further development of the vocabulary of modern dance. Currently, the renovated building of the theater preparing new opera and ballet productions.

In 2009, a full reconstruction of the building. Its facade is decorated with sculptures of Apollo with flying nymphs, as well as the patron of theatrical art - Melpomene, the patron of poets, alcoholic writer - Polyhymnia, epic poetry - Calliope and dance - Terpsichore.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Paris Commune Square, 1 GPS Google: 53.910184′ N, 27.561259′ E