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Utrina Indian Village

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Type: Rural farmsteads Status: Without a category Gluboksky district, village Morgi, st. Podlesnaya, 7

The Indian village of Utrina is located in a small village in the Vitebsk region – the village of Morgi, and is aimed at recreation and organizing rural tourism. Here you can take a break from the bustle of the city and get acquainted with an alternative form of economic organization, completely based on natural interaction with nature.

Guests will be captivated by the ecological lifestyle, secluded intimate atmosphere and wild forest nature. In the village you can see “teepees” - handmade, made taking into account the properties of different types of wood, and the interior is made of 100% Belarusian linen.

On an excursion to an Indian village, you can admire the picturesque surroundings by renting bicycles or kayaks. Visitors will also have a unique opportunity to ride on horseback or in a dog sled pulled by friendly huskies - the smaller brothers of the Indians. There is an opportunity to discover new hobbies and interests, such as wicker weaving, knitting and crocheting, and creating products from straw. Lovers of complete connection with nature will be taught here how to make fire without the help of matches, how to communicate with animals (the village has unusual breeds of goats, sheep, pigs, as well as ducks, chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs).

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Photo - Utrina Indian Village

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Address Gluboksky district, village Morgi, st. Podlesnaya, 7 GPS Google: 55.1582′ N, 28.0665′ E