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Catholic church of St. Roch in Minsk

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Type: Katolik churches Style: Rococo Date of Foundation: 1861 - 1874 yy Status: Republican value Minsk, Minsk region

Saint Roh's church - a monument of architecture of a neogothic style, is constructed in the second half of the 19th century on donations of residents. Represents the odnonefny, one-tower, rectangular temple in the plan with a pentahedral apse.

According to the legend, during one of numerous epidemics of cholera, namely in 1631, the dream which has appeared prophetic has dreamed one of Minskers. "Rescue of the city from full extinction depends on Saint Roh whose statue is buried under fragments of a church of bonifrator, it should be found and taken". This citizen has shared the dream with other fateful. After long searches the wooden statue of Saint Roh has been found in ruins. It was cleared, and in a solemn procession carried around the city. The general oppression because of epidemic was such big, and the ray of hope and rescue was such desired that even Jews have joined a procession. Then the statue was established in a wooden kaplitsa on the Gold Hill. Then epidemic has begun to decline.

Today in the building of a church there was a concert hall of chamber and organ music of Belgosfilarmoniya.

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Address Minsk, Minsk region GPS Google: 53.910978′ N, 27.580292′ E