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Children”s railway name after K. Zaslonova

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Type: Bus, railway and mail station, Sports-entertaining objects Date of Foundation: 1955 year Status: Without a category Minsk, Independence Avenue, 86

Children”s railway , was opened in July 9 1955 year, architect G. Zaborsky. It was not the first in Belarus, the first was opened in August 1936 year in Gomel.

Narrow-gauge road, stretching 3790 meters with two crossings and 3 stations: Zaslonovo, Pionerskaja and Sosnovyj bor. In terms of the road like a dumbbell - on both ends of it built reversal loops. The working time is carried out in May - September.Every year, May 1 opens the movement of trains. In 1971 year the Minsk Children”s railway was named after the legendary guerrilla brigade commander, Hero of the Soviet Union - railwaymanConstantine Zaslonov . Served by high school students, pre-trained in specialized study group.

Interesting detail - some of the rails, which runs a children”s composition, are labeled: <29> 0V YURDM 1901. This mark means that the rail was manufactured in May 1901 year on the South-Russian Dnipro Metallurgical Plant, located in Yekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk). reveal all text

Photo - Children”s railway name after K. Zaslonova

Location map - Children”s railway name after K. Zaslonova

Address Minsk, Independence Avenue, 86 GPS Google: 53.926013′ N, 27.621936′ E