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Confectionery «Spartak»

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Type: Industrial buildings Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, 246003, Gomel, st. Soviet, 63

The history of the Spartak factory began on June 4, 1924, at that time it was called «Prosvet». The original name «Spartacus» appeared on November 8, 1931.

By 1941, the factory was one of the largest food industry enterprises in the Republic of Belarus with an annual output of 11.5 thousand tons of confectionery. The products were known throughout the country and exported abroad.

Currently, the main types of products manufactured by the factory are: caramel, sweets, chocolate and chocolate products, biscuits, wafer products, cakes and pastries. There are 4 main workshops at the factory: biscuit, caramel, waffle and candy-chocolate.

The main production has a high level of technical development. The lines for the production of chocolate, biscuits, caramel, waffles are almost completely automated. The development strategy of the factory also provides for a significant change in the range of products and an increase in its quality through a network of workshops and central laboratories equipped with modern equipment, where strict incoming control of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products is carried out.

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Address Republic of Belarus, 246003, Gomel, st. Soviet, 63