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Bulgarin”s Chapel

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Type: Cemeteries, burial places, chapels Date of Foundation: 1747 year Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh, Mickiewicz str.

Bulgarin”s Chapel is a low chapel with a small window on a pediment that is located near Parish church in Nesvizh. It was built in the early XVIII century by Skanderbeg Bulgarin who was an ancestor of the Russian reactionary writer Fadei Bulgarin.

Skanderbeg was a descendant of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg - the national hero in Albania who was the leader of the anti-Ottoman rebellion in the country.

Bulgarin”s chapel is often called the «Murderer”s tower». Once the landlord Skanderbeg Bulgarin quarreled with his neighbor - the landlord Uzlovsky and shot him. In accordance with the laws of that time, he had to pay a «vira». As the result the relatives of the murdered landowner received the part of Bulgarin”s villages and peasants. While the negotiations concerning the amount of «vira» had being conducted, the Uzlovskys threatened Bulgarin, trying to scare him and increase the amount of compensation. Then Skanderbeg began to build a «vezha» - a small tower, where according to local legislation of that time, unintentional murders served their sentences.

The chapel was built on the territory of Parish church, not far from the burial tomb of the Radziwill”s - the biggest magnate family in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. At the Bulgarin”s request every year they served the mass in the church in memory of the landowner Uzlovsky. He had paid the mass for 350 years ahead.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Nesvizh, Mickiewicz str. GPS Google: 53.220604′ N, 26.683152′ E