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Historical buildings st. Zamkovaya

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Type: The square and urban development Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 20 century Status: Republican value Republbic of Belarus, Grodno, Zamkovaya str.

Historical buildings in Grodno Zamkovaya Street - a set of the remaining residential and public buildings of the second half of the XVIIIth century.

Zamkovaya - one of the oldest streets of the city, stretching about 300 meters, she linked the central area of the city - the market with two royal castles and served as the main path, on which the nobles and senators gathered in the castle. On this street to have his residence was considered an honor. Of the residences of noble families kept ON after a series of reconstructions Massalsky Palace (Zamkovaya Street, 5), as well as Hreptovichey Palace (Zamkovaya Street, 16), where now placed its exhibition National Museum of the History of Religion, home of tobacco magnate of the XIXth century. Shereshevsky (Zamkovaya Street, 12). During the devastating fire of 1885 and subsequent years, this street, as well as other streets in heavily damaged and was restored in the late XIXth - early XXth centuries.

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Address Republbic of Belarus, Grodno, Zamkovaya str. GPS Google: 53.677938′ N, 23.82529′ E