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Saint-Pokrovskiy Cathedral in Grodno

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Type: Churches Style: Neorussian Date of Foundation: 1904 - 1905 yy Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Grodno, st.Ozheshko, 23

Saint Pokrovskiy Cathedral in the old town, which since 1988 is declared a monument of urban planning and architecture, is a monument of history and architecture, protected by the state.

Saint Pokrovskiy”s Cathedral is not only religious but also the construction of the memorial, as the built in 1904-1905 to commemorate the officers and lower ranks of a cavalry brigade 26 killed in Russian-Japanese war. Consecrated the cathedral in honor of the feast of the Holy Virgin.

Given the location of the Grodno military garrison - a long time cathedral served as the Garrison Church. Grodno Saint Pokrovskiy Cathedral is an architectural monument of the neo-Russian style, is decorated with numerous onion-domed cupolas and decorative moldings. The temple has three naves, the type of construction - Basilica. The main facade of the building is crowned with a ten octagonal bell tower with onion dome tent.

Today the church is serving the Orthodox Church. The temple is especially revered shrines icon «Our Lady of Kazan», the power of the martyr-child Zabludovskogo Gabriel, as well as icons of XIX century.

It should be noted that the icon «Our Lady of Kazan» is one of the most revered Russian Orthodox Church. There are a few lists of the icon. One of them is stored in Grodno. The church also holds a copy of the Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk.

Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk - the finest piece of decorative art in Belarus, one of the oldest relics of national culture was lost during World War II. In the late 90s of the XX century the cross was restored by domestic masters of surviving drawings and memoirs of contemporaries.

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Photo - Saint-Pokrovskiy Cathedral in Grodno

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Address Republic of Belarus, Grodno, st.Ozheshko, 23 GPS Google: 53.684464′ N, 23.841588′ E