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Troitsk church in Byhov

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Type: Churches, Pilgrimage places, Wooden architecture Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Byhov, Kujbysheva street, 2

Troitsk church - a monument of wooden architecture, is constructed in the middle of XIX The item the building wooden, crosswise in the plan, costs on the brick plastered The base. from three parties of a building inputs in the form of wide steps are made with peaks on wooden columns. Over a front entrance – high octahedral in the plan a three-storied belltower, behind it – the big lighting drum (diameter 8 M., height of 12,5 m.) with a dome finished by a head on an octahedral basis.

One of masterpieces of the Belorussian school of an iconography here was stored Borkolabovsky Mater Divine Odigitrija (1659). The wonder-working icon has endured all wars XVII—ХХ of centuries and all persecutions on religion, including Soviet period. The icon has been presented by the prince Pozharsky, coming back with armies to Russia from Lithuania. There is a legend that the icon has been hidden in a military transport. When the group of the prince passed by the Borkolabovsky monastery, the transport with an icon has stopped, and it couldn”t get moving forward. Pozharsky has understood that the image wishes to remain in a monastery, and has passed it игуменье to Fotinii Kirkorovne. Later the icon has been passed in Troitsk church. The wonder-working icon was in Troitsk temple till 2010 when was It is solemnly transferred to John Predtechi”s temple revived Borkolabovsky Monastery. Today in an iconostasis of the Troitsk temple there are saved lists Borkolabovsky icon.

Annually on July, 11th in Byhov are flown down thousand pilgrims to take part in celebrations in honor of an icon. The village Borkolabovo is known as a place of creation of a cultural monument of the Belorussian writing of the beginning of a XVII-th century — Borkolabovsky Annals.

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Location map - Troitsk church in Byhov

Address Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Byhov, Kujbysheva street, 2 GPS Google: 53.514874′ N, 30.253533′ E