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Manor and park complex in Vselyub

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Type: Palaces, Wooden architecture Date of Foundation: 19 century Status: Republican value Vselyub

The manor and park complex of the XVIII-XX centuries is preserved in Vselyub - a small village that is situated near Novogrudok. Its history is closely linked with the fate of counts O”Rourke.

The O”Rourkes were the members of an aristocratic noble family of an Irish descent. They joined up the service of Empress Elizabeth in the XVIII century. It is known that Joseph O”Rourke, the last owner of the estate, achieved fame in the Russian-Turkish war, and during the war with Napoleon in 1812 when he defeated the vanguard of General Mora, chasing the French from Belavezhskaya pushcha to Brest.

Joseph O”Rourke built an estate with the river Plisa view in Vselyub in the second half of the XIX century. Its architectural style followed the traditions of late Classicism. On its east side there was an access road, on the opposite side there was the chapel. On the south side you could see the park with the area about 10 hectares that was crossed by numerous walking paths and tracks. A park was laid out on the north side of the estate.

In 1939, despite the fact that Joseph O”Rourke had performed great services for their homeland, the Bolsheviks arrested him and took away from the family estate. Since that time nobody had seen a count in Vselyub, but his generosity and kindness have been remembered till nowadays. Local people are used to tell how Joseph O”Rourke, forever leaving the estate, said goodbye to Vselyub: the count raised his hat and bowed to the locals as equals.

Today you can see a patrimony and a burial vault of Joseph O ”Rourke, a picturesque park that combines the features of the French and the English landscape art, some outbuildings, and a natural pond. reveal all text

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Address Vselyub GPS Google: 53.717574′ N, 25.80696′ E