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Palace of Bylgak in Zhilichi

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Type: Palaces Style: Classicism Date of Foundation: 20 century Status: Regional value Gorki distrikt, v. Zhilichi

Palace of Bylgak in Zhilichi - the monument of architecture XIX - XX centuries. Includes a palace, park, some artificial reservoirs. The palace is constructed in style of classicism. The main case 2-storeyed, P-shaped. Park, the area about 18 hectares, landscape type. 

Palace building has begun in 1825 to year and proceeded prior to the beginning of the XX-th century. The palace was erected by Ignat Bulgak which has conceived intention to construct to itself the residence which has eclipsed by the beauty all patrimonial Manors in Belarus. In one lateral wing the church, in the second — a tropical greenhouse which, wasn”t saved has been built in. In the summer of a palm tree, cypresses and oranges landed in park. The greenhouse prepared by request of Bulgak In Warsaw. The owner gave great attention to music. Therefore all premises of a palace differ exclusive acoustics.

Palace has passed through all wars, but has escaped. Any bomb hasn”t got to it, it never burned. In 20th years here there was a young workers school. In 30 agricultural technical school. During the Second World War fascists have transformed a palace into hospital. And a park part — in a cemetery where buried the German soldiers who have died in hospital. On the ground floor military men have made mark for grain storage. On the second the garrison has taken place. Now nothing reminds of stay in a palace of fascist armies. Even a cemetery after war have opened. In smart rooms the stucco molding on ceilings and walls was perfectly saved. In a drawing room there was even a gilded paint. In a good condition smart premises were saved. In 1996 has appeared Zhilichi museum.

To date, the second floor has been reconstructed, furniture, mirrors, paintings. The chapel, the third floor, a greenhouse are on display and the tower are also in the process of reconstruction.

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Photo - Palace of Bylgak in Zhilichi

Location map - Palace of Bylgak in Zhilichi

Address Gorki distrikt, v. Zhilichi GPS Google: 53.155675′ N, 29.689717′ E