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Church of Virgin Nativity in Glubokoe

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Type: , Katolik churches, Churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1639 - 1654 yy Status: Republican value Glubokoe

Carmelite monastery complex in the Glubokoe, now includes the building of the former church, monastery and of the gate, was founded in 1639 - 1654”s years, rebuilt in 1735 year in the style of ”Vilna” baroque.

Front of the main facade of the temple - treharochnaya bunk Gate, built simultaneously with the reconstruction of the temple in 1735 year. In its composition it is an elongated three-nave basilica with a rectangular apse. By the vast bulk of the array with the thick walls of the charge of light, delicately traced the tower, the building voznosyaschiesya to heaven.

Temple is covered with stucco arches of cylindrical geometric designs in the interior. The frescoes that covered the walls and ceiling of the temple, were lost in 1875 year during reconstruction of the church as a church. At the same time it was installed iconostasis. Special value of the temple is copy of the miraculous image ”It is truly”, brought here in 1911 year from the Carey - the capital of Mount Athos.

According to legend, vast dungeon, were under the church and monastery buildings were drawn up under the area of Trinity Church, and even further to Berezveche, where there was a Basilian monastery. Three-story stone monastery, replacing the wooden in 1735 year, belonged to the church from the north-western side, forming a closed courtyard. Retained its eastern wing, the other two, dilapidated, was demolished in 1892 year, after almost three decades after the closure of the monastery (1864 year).

The monastery belonged to the 15 estates which brought in 100,000 zlotys a year income. Carmelites kept school, gentry board of twelve people, a library of three thousand books, a physical office, pharmacy, hospital, and some living quarters for travelers. In these chambers July 18, 1812 year, Napoleon stopped.

The reason for the closure of the monastery was uprising in 1863 year, and the active participation of the Carmelites, who conveyed the rebels products, supplied them with drugs, hid in a cave monastery. After the defeat of the uprising of the monastery cells and dungeons turned into a torture chamber and prison participants in the uprising, over which its done by a fast and cruel court arrived here Vilna Governor-General Murаvev.

Currently pereosvyaschen church and acts as a Orthodox Church.

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Address Glubokoe GPS Google: 55.139134′ N, 27.697498′ E