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Church of Holy Trinity in Glubokoe

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Type: Katolik churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1764 - 1782 yy Status: Republican value Glubokoe

Church of the Holy Trinity - an architectural monument of the late Baroque. Built in 1764-1782 years. in place of wooden, pledged in 1628 year Joseph Korsak, burned during the war, Thirteen (1654-1667 years), when sity was attacked by Russian troops. In 1764 year dilapidated temple was dismantled and replaced by a stone church built in the style of Late Baroque.

Original church was a two-towered basilica nave with a semicircular apse extended. With the restructuring in 1902 - 1908 years by the architect Y. Zaro was attached to the church transept, side aisles, and sacristy, which gave the building composition of tri-cross basilica. Bunk grew up in this tower into two tiers, and four-story steel. The decoration of the former was accomplished in late baroque (”Vilna”) style.

Interior of the church is decorated with three different wooden altars in the Baroque style. The central altar in the lower tier - with sculpted images of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. In the center of - The icon ”The Crucifixion”. On the second floor - the icon of the beginning of XVIII century, the ”Mother of God Protectress”.

Under the church stretches crypt on the whole width of the temple, where a Fundator be buried ”without further ado.” In one of the pillars of the church was fortified his portrait. reveal all text

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Address Glubokoe GPS Google: 55.141005′ N, 27.69398′ E