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Сhurch of the Epiphany

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Type: Churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1770 year Status: The international value Zhirovichi, Cathedral street, 57

Epiphany Church - the Vilnius Baroque monument, built in the second half of XVIII century. Represents Bezbashenny temple-chapel.

During World War II in the walls of the Cathedral of the Epiphany Nazis placed an ammunition dump. It was enough of a partisan attack or air attack, all taken off the air. The legend says that once, when the guard was resting at the door of a locked warehouse, on the porch of a woman appeared from nowhere and a pure German told everyone to get out. Then she disappeared behind the door, which still hung a lock. Guards rushed after him, knocked the castle, but no one in the temple to be found. But one of the officers on the icon depicting the Mother of God, learned that the stranger. The same day, the garrison left the monastery.

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Location map - Сhurch of the Epiphany

Address Zhirovichi, Cathedral street, 57 GPS Google: 53.013195′ N, 25.345906′ E