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The monument of Khoruzhaya

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Type: Monuments Date of Foundation: 1973 year Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Pinsk, Lenin Street

Khoruzhaya Vera Zakharovna is guerrilla connected with the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus and the command of the front, and she is one of the leaders of underground work in Vitebsk (Belarus).

She was born September 27, 1903 in Bobruisk (Belarus) in the family servant. She was a member of the CPSU (B) since 1921. During the Civil War Vera Khoruzhaya participated in the fight against gangs Bulaq-Balakhovich. After the Civil War she worked in the Central Committee of Komsomol of Belarus. In 1924, she participated on underground work in Western Belarus. The police attacked the trace of the Faith, and for several years she was imprisoned in Poland. In September 1932 the Soviet Union exchanged it for a certain priest, and she returned home. She went to the five-year construction project - in Balkhash.

Joseph Stalin praised Khoruzhey`s book ”Letters to the will,” which was written in the prison in Poland,  . For outstanding achievements in the revolutionary movement in the territory of Western Belarus V.Z. Khoruzhaya awarded the Order of Red Banner (1930). In 10 august 1937 she was arrested on charges of espionage. Vera spent 2 years in prison. August 15, 1939 decision of the court acquitted and released from custody. After the annexation of Western Belorussia Vera Zakharovna Khoruzhaya works in Pinsk Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus. Since the early days of World War II until the death, Vera Khoruzhaya fought as a partisan, commanded by the old revolutionary hero of Republican Spain V.Z.Korzh. It was necessary to establish communication with the command of the front. This task is performed brilliantly V.Z. Khoruzhaya. In 1942 Khoruzhaya  was thrown through the front line in the city of Vitebsk. Her group spent a lot of sabotage on the railways, factories, gathered information for the command of Soviet troops. The Nazis took all measures to capture the underground. The Germans attacked on the trail of the group, November 13, 1942 Vera Khoruzhaya with his comrades had been captured and executed the same month .

Vera Zakharovna Khoruzhaya posthumously awarded Hero of the Soviet Union May 17, 1960. She was awarded the Order of Lenin, Order of Red Banner medal. The life and exploits of Vera Xoruzhaya dedicated film ”Letters to the immortality of the” 2nd Symphony composer Kim Tesakova, exhibits 73rd Minsk school. A number of cities of Belarus named heroines named streets and squares, the monuments, memorial plaques.
In 1964 a memorial plaque on the building down the street Khoruzhey, 12,.

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Location map - The monument of Khoruzhaya

Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Pinsk, Lenin Street GPS Google: 52.112778′ N, 26.107228′ E