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Memorial complex Partisans Polesye

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It is open 6/28/2002.The bronze sculptural composition includes three-figured group "Oath", "The guerrilla Madonna" and the symbolical split tree with the ruined stork nest. Her authors P. A. Tsyumpel, V. P. Zankovich, Yu. M. Gradkov, A. L. Veliksonov, Yu. I. Kozakov. Behind her – the "Glade of guerrilla glory" devoted to the glorified Pinsk guerrilla connection at which origins stood Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Zakharovich Korzh.

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Photo - Memorial complex Partisans Polesye

Location map - Memorial complex Partisans Polesye

Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Pinsk, Pervomaiskaya street, not far from the «ring» - the intersection with the Central street. GPS Google: 52.110833′ N, 26.103333′ E