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Brest railway station

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Type: Bus, railway and mail station Date of Foundation: 1886 - 1956 yy Status: Republican value Brest, Kizhevatova Street

Today, Station Central Station Brest is one of the monuments of the Republic of Belarus is an active marble museum under the open sky. The unique construction of the station building blends harmoniously with the style of a modern city. On average, each month from the central station of Brest-sent more than 300 thousand passengers, the average daily number of passengers is sent 9-10 thousand.

The railway station of Brest - one of the oldest in Belarus. This - the gateway of the country to Europe. Opening of the new station building was held at the station of Brest-Litovsk May 28, 1886. The event came to the royal family, headed by Alexander III.

Space Station at the time was more than four thousand square meters. His building constructed in the form of  ”medieval castle” with four water towers were equipped with water heating. The rooms for the passengers of the 1st and 2nd class hardwood floors were, for the third class - the planks in the back rooms - asphalt. It is believed that this was one of the most beautiful buildings on the railways of the Russian Empire.

Two years later at the station there was electric light bulbs of 160, which at that time at the stations of the Russian railways is practically nowhere to be found. On the great importance of the object is the fact that in those early years, followed by station wagons haul non-stop from Europe to the Far East.

Since then, the station has experienced more than one youth and holds many interesting historical facts. During the First World War, more than 60% of the station building was destroyed. In the 20s it was reconstructed in the Baroque and Classical styles. Later Brest station was one of the first facilities in Belarus, in the walls which was organized by the defense in the early days of World War II.

Since September 1939 the station became the Brest border station of the Soviet Union. In 1945 it was decided to expand the station complex. Construction made by the Customer Belarusian Railways. Construction works were carried out in 1953-1957, respectively. In the facing of the interior and facade of the building were used colored marble and granite rocks, brought from different regions of the USSR. reveal all text

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Address Brest, Kizhevatova Street GPS Google: 52.101246′ N, 23.681148′ E